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Cock of the North - Aston Court Hotel, Coventry
3-5 October 2008

Division A High Losses

21443466Vince Boyle (A4)Brian Sugar (A3)
10439451Tom Wilson (A5)Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)
7439454Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)Steve Perry (A2)
11436439Peter Thomas (A6)Jill Parker (A10)
12436461Peter Thomas (A6)Jill Parker (A10)
4435461Jill Parker (A10)Steve Perry (A2)
11420425Maurice Brown (A7)Theresa Camilleri (A1)
3419455Vince Boyle (A4)Alison Sadler (A8)
7419501Alison Sadler (A8)Peter Thomas (A6)
22419435Ted Lewis (A9)Jill Parker (A10)
5417421Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)Brian Sugar (A3)
10412442Theresa Camilleri (A1)Alison Sadler (A8)
1404606Steve Perry (A2)Brian Sugar (A3)
3402403Jill Parker (A10)Steve Perry (A2)
17399402Tom Wilson (A5)Alison Sadler (A8)
16399536Jill Parker (A10)Alison Sadler (A8)
8398415Steve Perry (A2)Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)
13397460Peter Thomas (A6)Theresa Camilleri (A1)
7395437Ted Lewis (A9)Theresa Camilleri (A1)
2394556Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)Jill Parker (A10)

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