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Cock of the North - Aston Court Hotel, Coventry
3-5 October 2008

Division A Low Losses

4223524Ted Lewis (A9)Brian Sugar (A3)
11238487Brian Sugar (A3)Tom Wilson (A5)
2263431Tom Wilson (A5)Vince Boyle (A4)
2273514Steve Perry (A2)Brian Sugar (A3)
6279495Peter Thomas (A6)Vince Boyle (A4)
8282519Maurice Brown (A7)Brian Sugar (A3)
22286432Vince Boyle (A4)Brian Sugar (A3)
5292439Jill Parker (A10)Theresa Camilleri (A1)
15294420Ted Lewis (A9)Vince Boyle (A4)
10298528Peter Thomas (A6)Steve Perry (A2)
14299441Maurice Brown (A7)Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)
17299382Maurice Brown (A7)Jill Parker (A10)
17301459Ted Lewis (A9)Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)
14303395Vince Boyle (A4)Steve Perry (A2)
17303432Peter Thomas (A6)Brian Sugar (A3)
18304545Vince Boyle (A4)Theresa Camilleri (A1)
12305490Tom Wilson (A5)Brian Sugar (A3)
8305425Alison Sadler (A8)Peter Thomas (A6)
18307454Tom Wilson (A5)Alison Sadler (A8)
6307407Ted Lewis (A9)Tom Wilson (A5)

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