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Cock of the North - Aston Court Hotel, Coventry
3-5 October 2008

Division A Low Wins

11351350Vince Boyle (A4)Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)
20368350Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)Alison Sadler (A8)
13370360Jill Parker (A10)Tom Wilson (A5)
21371346Peter Thomas (A6)Tom Wilson (A5)
2373361Maurice Brown (A7)Peter Thomas (A6)
11373359Ted Lewis (A9)Steve Perry (A2)
5375373Tom Wilson (A5)Ted Lewis (A9)
1376352Tom Wilson (A5)Vince Boyle (A4)
12378367Steve Perry (A2)Ted Lewis (A9)
17382299Jill Parker (A10)Maurice Brown (A7)
19383358Ted Lewis (A9)Peter Thomas (A6)
21383372Ted Lewis (A9)Jill Parker (A10)
19387321Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)Alison Sadler (A8)
17389367Theresa Camilleri (A1)Vince Boyle (A4)
22389387Tom Wilson (A5)Peter Thomas (A6)
1390325Maurice Brown (A7)Peter Thomas (A6)
18390378Ted Lewis (A9)Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)
13390354Wojtek Usakiewicz (A11)Maurice Brown (A7)
13391350Brian Sugar (A3)Alison Sadler (A8)
20393333Peter Thomas (A6)Ted Lewis (A9)

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