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Cock of the North - Aston Court Hotel, Coventry
3-5 October 2008

Division B High Losses

16465498Paul Cartman (B10)Nicky Huitson (B8)
1428460Nicky Huitson (B8)Ginny Dixon (B9)
1425450Sarah Wilks (B7)Steve Balment (B6)
18416418Ginny Dixon (B9)Marlene Skinner (B11)
2413431Ginny Dixon (B9)Nicky Huitson (B8)
7413429Marlene Skinner (B11)Lenny Moir (B2)
3410540Nicky Huitson (B8)Neil Broom (B4)
13399400Nicky Huitson (B8)Margaret Pritchett (B3)
2397411Lenny Moir (B2)Margaret Pritchett (B3)
20396475Margaret Pritchett (B3)Paul (Hull) Thompson (B1)
13396401Steve Balment (B6)Paul (Hull) Thompson (B1)
5388407Steve Balment (B6)Neil Broom (B4)
17388457Marlene Skinner (B11)Ginny Dixon (B9)
11386453Sarah Wilks (B7)Paul (Hull) Thompson (B1)
19385389Marlene Skinner (B11)Nicky Huitson (B8)
7384401Steve Balment (B6)Nicky Huitson (B8)
11382398Steve Balment (B6)Paul Cartman (B10)
4381419Neil Broom (B4)Nicky Huitson (B8)
5380386Margaret Pritchett (B3)Marlene Skinner (B11)
20380384Ginny Dixon (B9)Steve Balment (B6)

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