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Cock of the North - Aston Court Hotel, Coventry
3-5 October 2008

Division B High Wins

3540410Neil Broom (B4)Nicky Huitson (B8)
8536260Margaret Pritchett (B3)Sarah Wilks (B7)
6517339Steve Balment (B6)Neil Broom (B4)
14500358Margaret Pritchett (B3)Nicky Huitson (B8)
16498465Nicky Huitson (B8)Paul Cartman (B10)
18484305Sarah Wilks (B7)Paul Cartman (B10)
15477233Ginny Dixon (B9)Neil Broom (B4)
20475396Paul (Hull) Thompson (B1)Margaret Pritchett (B3)
3474347Paul Cartman (B10)Lenny Moir (B2)
17470375Steve Balment (B6)Margaret Pritchett (B3)
5469305Lenny Moir (B2)Nicky Huitson (B8)
18463361Neil Broom (B4)Paul (Hull) Thompson (B1)
16461289Lenny Moir (B2)Sarah Wilks (B7)
1460428Ginny Dixon (B9)Nicky Huitson (B8)
17457388Ginny Dixon (B9)Marlene Skinner (B11)
10455317Margaret Pritchett (B3)Paul Cartman (B10)
11453386Paul (Hull) Thompson (B1)Sarah Wilks (B7)
21453322Sarah Wilks (B7)Nicky Huitson (B8)
19452301Lenny Moir (B2)Sandra Hoffland (B5)
1450425Steve Balment (B6)Sarah Wilks (B7)

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