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Cock of the North - Aston Court Hotel, Coventry
3-5 October 2008

Division C High Losses

22431452Helen Polhill (C2)Marjorie Gillott (C1)
5409446Nick Stone (C11)Rafal Dominiczak (C3)
9408419Caroline Elliott (C7)Christine Cartman (C9)
5390393Anne Darby (C6)Marjorie Smith (C4)
16387393Marjorie Gillott (C1)Vivian Stokes (C5)
18380413Marjorie Gillott (C1)Marjorie Smith (C4)
20379393Helen Polhill (C2)Vivian Stokes (C5)
11379417Nick Stone (C11)Marjorie Smith (C4)
20378504Marjorie Gillott (C1)Rafal Dominiczak (C3)
10376388Helen Polhill (C2)Anne Darby (C6)
17375397Caroline Elliott (C7)Vicky Nelson-Owen (C10)
9375400Nick Stone (C11)Vivian Stokes (C5)
13369437Vicky Nelson-Owen (C10)Vivian Stokes (C5)
8368457Marjorie Smith (C4)Vicky Nelson-Owen (C10)
8368412Caroline Elliott (C7)Rafal Dominiczak (C3)
3364432Caroline Elliott (C7)Vivian Stokes (C5)
4363459Helen Polhill (C2)Vicky Nelson-Owen (C10)
12363403Anne Darby (C6)Vicky Nelson-Owen (C10)
5362369Marjorie Gillott (C1)Vicky Nelson-Owen (C10)
13359392Marjorie Gillott (C1)Anne Darby (C6)

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