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Cock of the North - Aston Court Hotel, Coventry
3-5 October 2008

Division C Low Losses

19219405Vivian Stokes (C5)Helen Polhill (C2)
13239429Nick Stone (C11)Caroline Elliott (C7)
10251472Nick Stone (C11)Vivian Stokes (C5)
7258430Christine Cartman (C9)Marjorie Gillott (C1)
3262343Nick Stone (C11)Marjorie Gillott (C1)
14264449Ruby Flood (C8)Rafal Dominiczak (C3)
11265512Anne Darby (C6)Vicky Nelson-Owen (C10)
6269446Anne Darby (C6)Marjorie Smith (C4)
8270456Marjorie Gillott (C1)Christine Cartman (C9)
20270311Nick Stone (C11)Ruby Flood (C8)
7277424Ruby Flood (C8)Anne Darby (C6)
6279607Marjorie Gillott (C1)Vicky Nelson-Owen (C10)
2280412Vivian Stokes (C5)Marjorie Smith (C4)
22284404Ruby Flood (C8)Caroline Elliott (C7)
1288345Caroline Elliott (C7)Anne Darby (C6)
22290331Marjorie Smith (C4)Rafal Dominiczak (C3)
11292405Vivian Stokes (C5)Rafal Dominiczak (C3)
21292415Vivian Stokes (C5)Anne Darby (C6)
15292371Ruby Flood (C8)Vicky Nelson-Owen (C10)
10293391Rafal Dominiczak (C3)Vicky Nelson-Owen (C10)

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