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Cock of the North - Aston Court Hotel, Coventry
3-5 October 2008

Tournament Statistics

 Division ADivision BDivision C
Registered Players111111
Scored Players111111
Active Players111111
Minimum Rating14512595
Mean Rating158.0134.6111.0
Median Rating156.5138115.5
Maximum Rating184144122
Unrated Players001
Total Games Played110110110
Games Tied010
Total Points Scored872938393480770
Mean Points Scored793.6763.0734.3
Higher Rated Win %63.6%65.0%59.1%
First Player Win%51.8%51.4%45.5%
First Player Score398.0385.5367.7
Second Player Score395.6377.5366.6
First Player Advantage2.48.01.1

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