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Cock of the North
2nd - 4th October 2009

Division A Low Wins

4344277Phil Kelly (A11)Paul Allan (A1)
4355301Harshan Lamabadusuriya (A2)Chrystal Rose (A10)
3358353Paul Thompson (A7)Steve Perry (A5)
13370362Len Moir (A9)Janet Phillips (A12)
18374285Len Moir (A9)Phil Kelly (A11)
6377339Paul Thompson (A7)Janet Phillips (A12)
9380365Harshan Lamabadusuriya (A2)Cecil Muscat (A6)
17381315Phil Kelly (A11)Len Moir (A9)
6383330Wayne Kelly (A3)Phil Kelly (A11)
2383363Chrystal Rose (A10)Phil Kelly (A11)
12385379David Steel (A8)Janet Phillips (A12)
16386309Cecil Muscat (A6)Phil Kelly (A11)
8387367Paul Thompson (A7)Wayne Kelly (A3)
13389372Steve Perry (A5)Chrystal Rose (A10)
17390363Phil Robertshaw (A4)Paul Allan (A1)
5391289Steve Perry (A5)Len Moir (A9)
1392338Phil Robertshaw (A4)Steve Perry (A5)
13393358Paul Allan (A1)Cecil Muscat (A6)
11393351Janet Phillips (A12)David Steel (A8)
9396374Paul Thompson (A7)Len Moir (A9)

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