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Cock of the North
2nd - 4th October 2009

Division A Round 6 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerNext Game
16–0+553Harshan Lamabadusuriya (A2)A11
25–1+685Paul Allan (A1)A9
35–1+451Cecil Muscat (A6)A8
44–2+304Steve Perry (A5)A12
54–2+28Phil Robertshaw (A4)A10
63–3+122Wayne Kelly (A3)A7
72–4-222David Steel (A8)A6
82–4-250Chrystal Rose (A10)A4
92–4-390Phil Kelly (A11)A2
102–4-404Paul Thompson (A7)A3
111–5-449Janet Phillips (A12)A5
120–6-428Len Moir (A9)A1

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