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Cock of the North
2nd - 4th October 2009

Division B High Wins

5578350Moira Conway (B1)Ted Lewis (B10)
14572385Moira Conway (B1)Mick Healy (B6)
13557324Moira Conway (B1)Mick Healy (B6)
5550305Steve Balment (B4)Mick Healy (B6)
8546322Geoff Cooper (B7)Graham Buckingham (B3)
7541372Sue Bowman (B2)Viv Beckmann (B11)
15537367Steve Balment (B4)Barbara Goodban (B9)
5533307Beverley Calder (B12)Geoff Cooper (B7)
3530305Sue Bowman (B2)Ted Lewis (B10)
15528369Sue Bowman (B2)Geoff Cooper (B7)
9519292Moira Conway (B1)Jake Berliner (B8)
5507396Marlene Skinner (B5)Barbara Goodban (B9)
15505371Moira Conway (B1)Marlene Skinner (B5)
12499321Barbara Goodban (B9)Sue Bowman (B2)
12495273Jake Berliner (B8)Beverley Calder (B12)
1494382Geoff Cooper (B7)Mick Healy (B6)
2494356Geoff Cooper (B7)Mick Healy (B6)
19493419Geoff Cooper (B7)Steve Balment (B4)
7483312Moira Conway (B1)Barbara Goodban (B9)
17482347Steve Balment (B4)Moira Conway (B1)

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