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Cock of the North
2nd - 4th October 2009

Division B Low Losses

14251423Marlene Skinner (B5)Ted Lewis (B10)
14262476Beverley Calder (B12)Barbara Goodban (B9)
7270439Jake Berliner (B8)Mick Healy (B6)
12273495Beverley Calder (B12)Jake Berliner (B8)
6275440Graham Buckingham (B3)Viv Beckmann (B11)
16283382Barbara Goodban (B9)Steve Balment (B4)
20286402Beverley Calder (B12)Ted Lewis (B10)
11289454Geoff Cooper (B7)Moira Conway (B1)
1291413Sue Bowman (B2)Graham Buckingham (B3)
9292519Jake Berliner (B8)Moira Conway (B1)
3297461Beverley Calder (B12)Mick Healy (B6)
15298435Beverley Calder (B12)Graham Buckingham (B3)
17299424Ted Lewis (B10)Geoff Cooper (B7)
1300386Jake Berliner (B8)Barbara Goodban (B9)
13300374Jake Berliner (B8)Graham Buckingham (B3)
17301378Sue Bowman (B2)Beverley Calder (B12)
5305550Mick Healy (B6)Steve Balment (B4)
3305530Ted Lewis (B10)Sue Bowman (B2)
5307533Geoff Cooper (B7)Beverley Calder (B12)
13307412Beverley Calder (B12)Barbara Goodban (B9)

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