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Cock of the North
2nd - 4th October 2009

Division B Low Wins

8327311Jake Berliner (B8)Mick Healy (B6)
6352345Geoff Cooper (B7)Beverley Calder (B12)
3352351Barbara Goodban (B9)Graham Buckingham (B3)
3355352Steve Balment (B4)Jake Berliner (B8)
3359310Geoff Cooper (B7)Marlene Skinner (B5)
9367328Barbara Goodban (B9)Geoff Cooper (B7)
10371363Barbara Goodban (B9)Geoff Cooper (B7)
13373368Steve Balment (B4)Sue Bowman (B2)
4373358Geoff Cooper (B7)Marlene Skinner (B5)
13374300Graham Buckingham (B3)Jake Berliner (B8)
22374348Viv Beckmann (B11)Beverley Calder (B12)
12376360Graham Buckingham (B3)Marlene Skinner (B5)
22376349Marlene Skinner (B5)Mick Healy (B6)
11376360Jake Berliner (B8)Beverley Calder (B12)
17378301Beverley Calder (B12)Sue Bowman (B2)
4379372Jake Berliner (B8)Steve Balment (B4)
10379337Jake Berliner (B8)Moira Conway (B1)
8380378Barbara Goodban (B9)Moira Conway (B1)
18380370Ted Lewis (B10)Geoff Cooper (B7)
11381345Graham Buckingham (B3)Marlene Skinner (B5)

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