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Cock of the North
2nd - 4th October 2009

Division B Round 22 Standings

117–5+1607Moira Conway (B1)
215–7+348Barbara Goodban (B9)
313½–8½+694Steve Balment (B4)
413–9+390Sue Bowman (B2)
512½–9½+75Graham Buckingham (B3)
611–11+71Geoff Cooper (B7)
710–12-226Marlene Skinner (B5)
810–12-316Ted Lewis (B10)
99–13-187Viv Beckmann (B11)
109–13-574Mick Healy (B6)
119–13-605Jake Berliner (B8)
123–19-1277Beverley Calder (B12)

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