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Cock of the North
2nd - 4th October 2009

Division C High Losses

4409431Carmen Toscano (C4)Margaret Marshall (C6)
17409474Caroline Elliott (C7)Linda Moir (C8)
5404410Juliet Green (C2)Margaret Marshall (C6)
8404440Linda Moir (C8)Carmen Toscano (C4)
17397400Stany Arnold (C1)Juliet Green (C2)
8393403Joy Rowe (C9)Juliet Green (C2)
21391392Anne Darby (C5)Carmen Toscano (C4)
18383476Juliet Green (C2)Stany Arnold (C1)
12379431Denise Saxton (C3)Ruby Flood (C10)
10377400Joy Rowe (C9)Anne Darby (C5)
1375427Denise Saxton (C3)Juliet Green (C2)
13374385Juliet Green (C2)Ruby Flood (C10)
9373408Anne Darby (C5)Joy Rowe (C9)
11372419Linda Moir (C8)Margaret Marshall (C6)
2369396Juliet Green (C2)Denise Saxton (C3)
2369423Carmen Toscano (C4)Anne Darby (C5)
17369396Anne Darby (C5)Margaret Marshall (C6)
14368372Stany Arnold (C1)Carmen Toscano (C4)
12367369Joy Rowe (C9)Carmen Toscano (C4)
9360417Linda Moir (C8)Denise Saxton (C3)

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