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Cock of the North
2nd - 4th October 2009

Division C Low Losses

7218457Linda Moir (C8)Carmen Toscano (C4)
18243429Joy Rowe (C9)Ruby Flood (C10)
11246406Ruby Flood (C10)Denise Saxton (C3)
5266390Joy Rowe (C9)Denise Saxton (C3)
4277389Linda Moir (C8)Juliet Green (C2)
12284349Linda Moir (C8)Margaret Marshall (C6)
15286369Margaret Marshall (C6)Joy Rowe (C9)
6290416Joy Rowe (C9)Denise Saxton (C3)
6292442Stany Arnold (C1)Linda Moir (C8)
8292386Caroline Elliott (C7)Stany Arnold (C1)
9294319Ruby Flood (C10)Caroline Elliott (C7)
6296414Anne Darby (C5)Caroline Elliott (C7)
13298368Margaret Marshall (C6)Denise Saxton (C3)
4299377Joy Rowe (C9)Stany Arnold (C1)
22301414Linda Moir (C8)Juliet Green (C2)
3302380Margaret Marshall (C6)Carmen Toscano (C4)
6303367Margaret Marshall (C6)Juliet Green (C2)
13303390Caroline Elliott (C7)Joy Rowe (C9)
7304442Stany Arnold (C1)Caroline Elliott (C7)
19304364Anne Darby (C5)Caroline Elliott (C7)

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