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Cock of the North
2nd - 4th October 2009

Division C Low Wins

9319294Caroline Elliott (C7)Ruby Flood (C10)
9327314Margaret Marshall (C6)Stany Arnold (C1)
7343308Margaret Marshall (C6)Ruby Flood (C10)
19344336Juliet Green (C2)Ruby Flood (C10)
15348346Ruby Flood (C10)Linda Moir (C8)
12349284Margaret Marshall (C6)Linda Moir (C8)
19349314Margaret Marshall (C6)Stany Arnold (C1)
20351316Anne Darby (C5)Denise Saxton (C3)
7353315Joy Rowe (C9)Juliet Green (C2)
15354331Stany Arnold (C1)Denise Saxton (C3)
20354351Ruby Flood (C10)Joy Rowe (C9)
1355319Anne Darby (C5)Carmen Toscano (C4)
2356344Margaret Marshall (C6)Caroline Elliott (C7)
22358337Joy Rowe (C9)Stany Arnold (C1)
9360313Carmen Toscano (C4)Juliet Green (C2)
20360337Caroline Elliott (C7)Carmen Toscano (C4)
3361333Juliet Green (C2)Linda Moir (C8)
17363330Denise Saxton (C3)Carmen Toscano (C4)
22363353Denise Saxton (C3)Caroline Elliott (C7)
8363349Anne Darby (C5)Denise Saxton (C3)

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