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Festival of Scrabble
5-7 June 2009

Division A Round 15 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
114–1+1458AMartin Harrison (A1)2W:463-306:A5A5
213–2+1388AAlec Webb (A2)2W:343-334:A7A7
312–3+1070APaul Richards (A4)2W:541-251:A9A9
410–5+13BMoira Conway (A7)1L:334-343:A2A2
59–6-87AAlison Sadler (A3)2W:420-381:A12A12
67–8-242BYvonne Eade (A9)1L:251-541:A4A4
76–9-521BMargaret Pritchett (A10)1W:378-349:A8A8
85–10-185BPeter Ashurst (A11)1L:428-430:A6A6
95–10-486APauline Johnson (A6)2W:430-428:A11A11
104–11-990AIain Harley (A5)1L:306-463:A1A1
113½–11½-761BJill Bright (A8)2L:349-378:A10A10
121½–13½-657BPhilippa Morris (A12)1L:381-420:A3A3

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