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The 7th UK Open, 2nd-4th January 2014

Photos from the event are on British Scrabble here.
Coventry Telegraph article: Look: Words are mightier than the sword

Division A Round 16 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
13Toke Aka (A10/NGA) startsDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng) replies
2Paul Allan (A3/Sco) repliesDiane Pratesi (A8/Eng) starts
14Femi Awowade (A7/Eng) repliesKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng) starts
15Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng) startsSree Sukumar (A29/Eng) replies
6Rob Blundell (A30/Eng) repliesNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng) starts
12Sue Bowman (A23/Eng) startsWayne Kelly (A9/Eng) replies
3Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT) repliesZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP) starts
1Jack Durand (A19/Eng) startsAlastair Richards (A2/AUS) replies
4Calum Edwards (A6/Eng) repliesNigel Richards (A1/NZL) starts
8Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng) repliesChrystal Rose (A21/Eng) starts
11Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng) startsNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr) replies
12Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng) repliesSue Bowman (A23/Eng) starts
9Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr) repliesJanet Phillips (A22/Eng) starts
10Daniel Milton (A24/USA) repliesSteve Perry (A14/Eng) starts
7Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT) repliesJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng) starts
11Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr) repliesDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng) starts
10Steve Perry (A14/Eng) startsDaniel Milton (A24/USA) replies
9Janet Phillips (A22/Eng) startsJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr) replies
2Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng) startsPaul Allan (A3/Sco) replies
7Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng) startsCecil Muscat (A16/MLT) replies
1Alastair Richards (A2/AUS) repliesJack Durand (A19/Eng) starts
5Karen Richards (A12/AUS) repliesToh Weibin (A4/SGP) starts
4Nigel Richards (A1/NZL) startsCalum Edwards (A6/Eng) replies
8Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng) startsReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng) replies
13David Shenkin (A20/Eng) repliesToke Aka (A10/NGA) starts
15Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng) repliesTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng) starts
14Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng) startsFemi Awowade (A7/Eng) replies
5Toh Weibin (A4/SGP) startsKaren Richards (A12/AUS) replies
3Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP) startsTheresa Brousson (A5/MLT) replies
6Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng) startsRob Blundell (A30/Eng) replies

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