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The 7th UK Open, 2nd-4th January 2014

Photos from the event are on British Scrabble here.
Coventry Telegraph article: Look: Words are mightier than the sword
Birmingham Mail article: Looking for the right word

Division A Low Wins

30327304CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
14337324CRob Blundell (A30/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
28343315CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
20351345BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
9352336CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
10353315BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
9359355ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
12360338CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
11362356ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
22362312CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
28367356BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
26367366CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
14368363ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
22368357BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
1369364AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
2369346CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
7370339BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
2371265BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
9371345CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
16371363CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
26372367CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
20373335CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
5375349BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
28376341BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
13376339BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
17376323BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
8377330CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
20378336ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
1378321CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
7379344BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
22381375AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
10381376BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
29381328CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
10382367BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
13382251BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
2384296ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
7384335CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
10385374BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
21385336CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
10385344CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
18385313CReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
8386356CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
19387385BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
7388368BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
10388376BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
18388367CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
26389336BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
13389329BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
9390319AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
15390302BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
14390383BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
4390380CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
26390372CRob Blundell (A30/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
20391342BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
17391353CReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
11392389ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)
18392358BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
15392376CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
28392385CReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
27393385CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
13393376CSree Sukumar (A29/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
11394363CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
2395334BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
7396360ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
4397385CRob Blundell (A30/Eng)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
13398365BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
19398383BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
19398335CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
21399372AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
4399343AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
24399381CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
15400372APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
6400334BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
3400282BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
27400298CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
30400394CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
19400380CRob Blundell (A30/Eng)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
2401348AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
25401365BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
22401389BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
26402393AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
21402389CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
13402373CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
30403353CRob Blundell (A30/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
25404372ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)
6404356AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
14405331AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
11405358ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
10406352CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
11406378CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
24408304ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
14408379ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
3408384BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
8409408ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
28409347CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
17409408CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
4410337AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
28410306BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
20412398ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
16412355AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
1412303ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
12412370BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
3412390BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
2412366BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
11412384CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
24412395CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
11412388CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
26412352CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
21412358CSree Sukumar (A29/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
28412332CSree Sukumar (A29/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
7413362BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
22414385AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
30414354ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
22414382BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
29414363BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
21414379BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
23414351BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
11414353CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
24414308CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
13414374CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
15415396ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
6415410CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)
10415349CReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
6416317ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
20416349ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Paul Allan (A3/Sco)
17416358CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
28417410AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
27418373APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
20418328AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
27418362BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
8418300BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
1419351AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
27419362AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
1419382BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
18419416BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
21419415BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
27419375BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
12419383CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
12419381CRob Blundell (A30/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
1420408BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
14420382BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
3421388CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
24422344AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
24422335CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
5423336ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
19423317BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
26423348BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
8423219CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
9423368CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
22423313CRob Blundell (A30/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
29423331CRob Blundell (A30/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
21424392BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)
1424380BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
2425412BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
29425401CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
5426326ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
23426303CReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
11426393CSree Sukumar (A29/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
6427405BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
29427391CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
1428317BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
27428398BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
24428372CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
23429312ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
10429376AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
3429364BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
14429317CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
6430403AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
13430348AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
7430426AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
20430356BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
4430274BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
6430405BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Paul Allan (A3/Sco)
1430376CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
18431405AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
18432395AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
30432383AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
12432340AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
21432326AToke Aka (A10/NGA)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
30432356BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
11432359BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
25432252CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
19433406BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
20433289BJack Durand (A19/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
25433357CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
23434377BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
2435403AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
4435363BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
25435397BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
3435434BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)
25436374ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
27436335ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
16436328CReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
18438401ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
4438317CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
14438417CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
14438341CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
17438353CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
22439351ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
8439389AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
6440378ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
5440328AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
20440214AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
30440433ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Paul Allan (A3/Sco)
16440338BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
17440381BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
25440411BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
9440362CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
9441414ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Paul Allan (A3/Sco)
29441413ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
26441327BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
6441378BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
29441321BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
10442416ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
11442344BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
12442356BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
10442332CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
22442316CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
18443441BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
8443388BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
15444299BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
7444343BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
22444341CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
19445336ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Paul Allan (A3/Sco)
19445345BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)
13445341BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
24445422BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
7445360BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
28446398ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Paul Allan (A3/Sco)
29446419ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
7446341ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
14447400APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)
26448399ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
27448385AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
15448407AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
15448405BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
3448395BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
1448402BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
7448325CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
10449366AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
28449392AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
28449432ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
3449424ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
19449447AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
21449375ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
3449239BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
5449377BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
12449413BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
25450378ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
25450393AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
1450447BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
29450405CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
9451436BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
16451410BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
30451333BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
16451326CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
12451314CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
24452428AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)
18453370AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
23453364CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
5454394APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
14454401ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
4454310BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
2454366BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
14455303AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
19456432AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
23456380BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
16457340AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
4457420AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
5457335AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
20457393BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
21457345CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
20458409ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
16458342AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
19458453AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
26458363BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
12459429APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
19459320ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
2460388AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
21460399AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
23460434BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
10460394CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
25460339CReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
24461417ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
12461390BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
24461423BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
20461393CReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
11462385BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
16462288BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
9462441BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
2463294APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
8463449AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
23463368BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
4463437BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
22463410CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
7464419AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
15464393AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
17464312BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)
24464358BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
26464292BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
13464294BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
16465462ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
26465396ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Paul Allan (A3/Sco)
23465345APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
1465394ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
10465389AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
11466426ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
15467444CReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
18468360APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
30468356BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
4468440BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)
27468351BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
22469333AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
30469391AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
19469379BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
2469324CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
28469333CDaniel Milton (A24/USA)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
3470384APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
13470439APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
13470459ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
14470216CChrystal Rose (A21/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
24471357CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
20471373CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
17473322ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
12473412BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
23474418AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)
9474245CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
5475371BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
12476339AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
29476399BJack Durand (A19/Eng)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
16476402CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
23477388BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
23478339AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
15478238BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
26479343AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
5480377AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
3480440AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
9480318AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
17481410AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
25481396AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
18481359ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
16481300BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
3481312BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
9481456BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
17481466CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
5482460ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
13482297AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)
15482373AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
25482394CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
8483416AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
22484384APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)
5484382BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
29485478BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
18485433CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
17486290BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
9486275CRob Blundell (A30/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
15488327BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
8488485CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
30489364BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
23489344CDave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
22490395BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
30490459CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
9491417AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)
18491319CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
25492421APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
4492280ADiane Pratesi (A8/Eng)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
7493382AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
15493378AFemi Awowade (A7/Eng)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
5493456AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
27493424CJanet Phillips (A22/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
14493373CKate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
12494493ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Nigel Richards (A1/NZL)
21495371CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
18500349BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Kate Sweetlove (A27/Eng)
22501331ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Theresa Brousson (A5/MLT)
6503378ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
1503362CTolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
16504276AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
1505234ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
27505443AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
9507434AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
16507364AToke Aka (A10/NGA)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
16508403APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
5508250ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
8508391AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Paul Allan (A3/Sco)
18510374AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
27512382ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
1512354APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Rob Blundell (A30/Eng)
21512410APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
12512500BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
24513341APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Jessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)
8513375ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
21513290BZhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
20513313BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
28515428BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
14516410AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
23517485BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
15518412ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
25518271AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
30519408ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
8520253BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)David Shenkin (A20/Eng)
2521411CSue Bowman (A23/Eng)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
3523306AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
8524303BJessica Pratesi (A11/Eng)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
28525367AToke Aka (A10/NGA)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
23527422ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Alastair Richards (A2/AUS)
12528394AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Jayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)
28528341ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
10530425APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)
19530342BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Reeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)
19531384BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
8533353ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
26533427AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Calum Edwards (A6/Eng)
11533286BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Steve Perry (A14/Eng)
29534376ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Paul Allan (A3/Sco)
2535370AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Dave Hoskisson (A26/Eng)
27536393AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Zhi_Yuan Wong (A13/SGP)
6538309AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
6538290BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Sree Sukumar (A29/Eng)
6543377BNatalie Zolty (A17/Eng)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
11547397APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
17547350ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
7548353ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
6548335BCecil Muscat (A16/MLT)Janet Phillips (A22/Eng)
5549282BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
29550300AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
17553341ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Jack Durand (A19/Eng)
17554306APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
29557387BNuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
4562267AToh Weibin (A4/SGP)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
26564383AWayne Kelly (A9/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
30564443BJayne MacKenzie (A18/NIr)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
7565320APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
30567331BKaren Richards (A12/AUS)Femi Awowade (A7/Eng)
4568272ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Daniel Milton (A24/USA)
3569306ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Sue Bowman (A23/Eng)
13569424BSteve Perry (A14/Eng)Toke Aka (A10/NGA)
27571306CReeyaaz Goolamhossen (A28/Eng)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (A25/Eng)
5589272AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Cecil Muscat (A16/MLT)
24591384ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Diane Pratesi (A8/Eng)
13594409ANigel Richards (A1/NZL)Wayne Kelly (A9/Eng)
21598358ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Natalie Zolty (A17/Eng)
17598366BDavid Shenkin (A20/Eng)Nuala O'Rourke (A15/NIr)
4606356APaul Allan (A3/Sco)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
2610304ACalum Edwards (A6/Eng)Karen Richards (A12/AUS)
3682262ATheresa Brousson (A5/MLT)Chrystal Rose (A21/Eng)
29714260AAlastair Richards (A2/AUS)Toh Weibin (A4/SGP)

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