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The 7th UK Open, 2nd-4th January 2014

Photos from the event are on British Scrabble here.
Coventry Telegraph article: Look: Words are mightier than the sword

Division A Round 18 Scores

Richards, Nigel1438Aka, Toke1040137
Richards, Alastair2510O'Rourke, Nuala15374136
Allan, Paul3468Edwards, Calum6360108
Weibin, Toh4432Muscat, Cecil1639537
Brousson, Theresa5481Pratesi, Diane8359122
Awowade, Femi7453Sukumar, Sree2937083
Kelly, Wayne9431Durand, Jack1940526
Pratesi, Jessica11443Wong, Zhi_Yuan134412
Richards, Karen12419Blundell, Rob304163
Perry, Steve14500Sweetlove, Kate27349151
Shenkin, David20392Ayo-Awojobi, Tolani2535834
Phillips, Janet22388Rose, Chrystal2136721
Bowman, Sue23491Milton, Daniel24319172
Hoskisson, Dave26485Zolty, Natalie1743352
Goolamhossen, Reeyaaz28385MacKenzie, Jayne1831372

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