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The 7th UK Open, 2nd-4th January 2014

Photos from the event are on British Scrabble here.
Coventry Telegraph article: Look: Words are mightier than the sword

Division A Round 21 Scores

Allan, Paul3512Richards, Alastair2410102
Weibin, Toh4460Brousson, Theresa539961
Edwards, Calum6598Zolty, Natalie17358240
Awowade, Femi7399Muscat, Cecil1637227
Pratesi, Diane8449O'Rourke, Nuala1537574
Aka, Toke10432Shenkin, David20326106
Pratesi, Jessica11424Richards, Nigel139232
Richards, Karen12419Perry, Steve144154
Wong, Zhi_Yuan13513Kelly, Wayne9290223
MacKenzie, Jayne18414Ayo-Awojobi, Tolani2537935
Rose, Chrystal21402Blundell, Rob3038913
Phillips, Janet22385Milton, Daniel2433649
Bowman, Sue23495Durand, Jack19371124
Hoskisson, Dave26457Sweetlove, Kate27345112
Sukumar, Sree29412Goolamhossen, Reeyaaz2835854

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