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The 7th UK Open, 2nd-4th January 2014

Photos from the event are on British Scrabble here.
Coventry Telegraph article: Look: Words are mightier than the sword
Birmingham Mail article: Looking for the right word

Division A Round 29 Scores

Richards, Nigel1534Allan, Paul3376158
Richards, Alastair2714Weibin, Toh4260454
Brousson, Theresa5441Wong, Zhi_Yuan1341328
Edwards, Calum6446Pratesi, Diane841927
Kelly, Wayne9550Awowade, Femi7300250
Pratesi, Jessica11485Aka, Toke104787
Richards, Karen12414Zolty, Natalie1736351
O'Rourke, Nuala15557Muscat, Cecil16387170
Durand, Jack19476MacKenzie, Jayne1839977
Shenkin, David20441Sweetlove, Kate27321120
Rose, Chrystal21450Bowman, Sue2340545
Phillips, Janet22381Perry, Steve1432853
Milton, Daniel24425Goolamhossen, Reeyaaz2840124
Hoskisson, Dave26427Ayo-Awojobi, Tolani2539136
Blundell, Rob30423Sukumar, Sree2933192

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