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The 7th UK Open, 2nd-4th January 2014

Photos from the event are on British Scrabble here.
Coventry Telegraph article: Look: Words are mightier than the sword
Birmingham Mail article: Looking for the right word

Division B Round 30 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
18Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng) repliesTed Lewis (B12/Eng) starts 4peat
21Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng) repliesJim Wilkie (B7/Sco) starts 3peat
19Amy Byrne (B2/Sco) startsRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng) replies 3peat
19Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng) repliesAmy Byrne (B2/Sco) starts 3peat
17Ian Coventry (B1/Eng) repliesRuth MacInerney (B4/Eng) starts 3peat
20Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD) startsTom Wilson (B8/Sco) replies 4peat
18Ted Lewis (B12/Eng) startsAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng) replies 4peat
17Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng) startsIan Coventry (B1/Eng) replies 3peat
16Maurice McParland (B10/IRL) repliesChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT) starts 5peat
22Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL) repliesBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL) starts 6peat
22Breda O'Brien (B14/IRL) startsEileen Meghen (B11/IRL) replies 6peat
16Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT) startsMaurice McParland (B10/IRL) replies 5peat
21Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco) startsDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng) replies 3peat
20Tom Wilson (B8/Sco) repliesSuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD) starts 4peat

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