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The 7th UK Open, 2nd-4th January 2014

Photos from the event are on British Scrabble here.
Coventry Telegraph article: Look: Words are mightier than the sword
Birmingham Mail article: Looking for the right word

Division B Low Losses

7217406BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
8256449BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
14262461AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
10265451AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
26268561AChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
24271451AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
6272495BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
9275499ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
20276393BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
26276491BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
7285447AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
13286453AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
27286422BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
23289374BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
24289420BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
13292478AChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
12292417AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
18293429BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
26294457BMaurice McParland (B10/IRL)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
10295454BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
15296416ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
24296401BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
13298394AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
16300561ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
1300402BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
7301325AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
30301452BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
19303451AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
3303362ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
27305454ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
6305419BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
22306415AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
28306392BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
23307389AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
24311396AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
6311393ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
4311407BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
20312481BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng)
28315408BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
9316435AChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
4318343AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Breda O'Brien (B14/IRL)
20318413BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
27320482BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
30320484BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
20320426BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
30321482AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
13321322BMaurice McParland (B10/IRL)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
17321420BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng)
1322367AChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
16322346AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
4322447BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
24322359BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
14323415BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
2323353BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
7324370BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
5325415AChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
9325364BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
26325433BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
8326452ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
12327420BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Breda O'Brien (B14/IRL)
3328449ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
24328501BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
9329452BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
1330356ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
12330411AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
5330437BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
10331386BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
22333388BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
19334474ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
25335413ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
8335447BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
19335446BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
11336417AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
11336365BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
25336444BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Breda O'Brien (B14/IRL)
19337384ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
15338418AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
23339459AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
18339438AChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
11339378BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Breda O'Brien (B14/IRL)
25339373BMaurice McParland (B10/IRL)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
16340392AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
19341409BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
24342346AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
15342439BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
19342448BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
29342446BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
3342408BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Breda O'Brien (B14/IRL)
21342453BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
11343492BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
18344346AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
7345372BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
8345450BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
10345353BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
29346452BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
26347378ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng)
10348440BMaurice McParland (B10/IRL)Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng)
28348473BMaurice McParland (B10/IRL)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
2348398BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
28348404BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
21349409AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
28349502ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
27349369AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
14350444BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
17351383BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
1352415BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
21352493BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
12352406BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
3353392BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
6353473BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
18354453ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Breda O'Brien (B14/IRL)
3354356BMaurice McParland (B10/IRL)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
1355471BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
6356433AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
25356433AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
20356414ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
7356392BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
5356464BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
21357471AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
14357435BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
28359360BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
5359442BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
18360420AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng)
10360462BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
23360364BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
29361395AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
30361386ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
6362372BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
1362434BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
15363427AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
29363393ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
12363466BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
16363433BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
5364388AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng)
13365454BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
26368461AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
23368397ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
11368388AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
8368430BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng)
21369423AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
22370465AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
29371379AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
14372409AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
25372373BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
13373423BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
25373464BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
27373375BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
2373449BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
9374388AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Breda O'Brien (B14/IRL)
30374460BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
16374391BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
13374502BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
15374425BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
22375456BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng)
23376406AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
15376476BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
8377455AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
19378498BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
4378410BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng)
2380428ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
3381414AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
17381390AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Breda O'Brien (B14/IRL)
23381431BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
29381434BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
7382383BMaurice McParland (B10/IRL)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
15384395ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
2385406AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
8385403AChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
25385387AChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
17387471AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Eileen Meghen (B11/IRL)
28387414AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
22389405AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
4389404ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
11390562BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
17391453AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
10395469AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
9396408ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
17396455ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
16396420BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Ted Lewis (B12/Eng)
20396443BMaurice McParland (B10/IRL)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
22396413BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
16397426AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
12397414BDiane Bromilow (B9/Eng)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
21397399BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
11399406BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Suzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)
1400426AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)
9402463AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
29403434AChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
14404424AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
18404429BEileen Meghen (B11/IRL)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
20411465BTed Lewis (B12/Eng)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
4413452BRowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)Diane Bromilow (B9/Eng)
4414415BMaurice McParland (B10/IRL)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
3415495BTom Wilson (B8/Sco)Adrienne Berger (B5/Eng)
18416433ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
27416427AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
2417420AAmy Byrne (B2/Sco)Jim Wilkie (B7/Sco)
21418438ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Breda O'Brien (B14/IRL)
27424437ASuzanne Dundas (B6/NLD)Amy Byrne (B2/Sco)
2425426AAdrienne Berger (B5/Eng)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
5428446AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Maurice McParland (B10/IRL)
14428443BBreda O'Brien (B14/IRL)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
22436466ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
12437455AChristine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)Ian Coventry (B1/Eng)
6438455AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
5438454ARuth MacInerney (B4/Eng)Rowan Callaghan (B13/Eng)
30438462BMaurice McParland (B10/IRL)Christine Strawbridge (B3/MLT)
26441452AJim Wilkie (B7/Sco)Tom Wilson (B8/Sco)
30459470AIan Coventry (B1/Eng)Ruth MacInerney (B4/Eng)

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