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The 7th UK Open, 2nd-4th January 2014

Division C Round 5 Alphabetic Pairings

297Syd Berger (C6/Eng) repliesLynne Riley (C14/Eng) starts
253Brigitte Brath (C13/DEU) repliesGeoff Cooper (C4/Eng) starts
286Georgie Burchell (C3/Eng) startsFay Madeley (C9/Eng) replies
231Christine Cartman (C10/Eng) startsIan Kendall (C1/Eng) replies
264Paul Cartman (C5/Eng) repliesMary Doyle (C7/IRL) starts
253Geoff Cooper (C4/Eng) startsBrigitte Brath (C13/DEU) replies
275Paul Cousins (C2/Eng) repliesCaroline Elliott (C11/Eng) starts
264Mary Doyle (C7/IRL) startsPaul Cartman (C5/Eng) replies
275Caroline Elliott (C11/Eng) startsPaul Cousins (C2/Eng) replies
231Ian Kendall (C1/Eng) repliesChristine Cartman (C10/Eng) starts
242Duncan MacFarlane (C12/Eng) repliesAdrian Noller (C8/Eng) starts
286Fay Madeley (C9/Eng) repliesGeorgie Burchell (C3/Eng) starts
242Adrian Noller (C8/Eng) startsDuncan MacFarlane (C12/Eng) replies
297Lynne Riley (C14/Eng) startsSyd Berger (C6/Eng) replies

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