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The 7th UK Open, 2nd-4th January 2014

Photos from the event are on British Scrabble here.

Division C Round 21 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
24Syd Berger (C6/Eng) repliesDuncan MacFarlane (C12/Eng) starts repeat
23Brigitte Brath (C13/DEU) startsPaul Cousins (C2/Eng) replies repeat
29Georgie Burchell (C3/Eng) startsCaroline Elliott (C11/Eng) replies repeat
28Christine Cartman (C10/Eng) repliesAdrian Noller (C8/Eng) starts repeat
26Paul Cartman (C5/Eng) repliesFay Madeley (C9/Eng) starts repeat
25Geoff Cooper (C4/Eng) startsLynne Riley (C14/Eng) replies repeat
23Paul Cousins (C2/Eng) repliesBrigitte Brath (C13/DEU) starts repeat
27Mary Doyle (C7/IRL) startsIan Kendall (C1/Eng) replies repeat
29Caroline Elliott (C11/Eng) repliesGeorgie Burchell (C3/Eng) starts repeat
27Ian Kendall (C1/Eng) repliesMary Doyle (C7/IRL) starts repeat
24Duncan MacFarlane (C12/Eng) startsSyd Berger (C6/Eng) replies repeat
26Fay Madeley (C9/Eng) startsPaul Cartman (C5/Eng) replies repeat
28Adrian Noller (C8/Eng) startsChristine Cartman (C10/Eng) replies repeat
25Lynne Riley (C14/Eng) repliesGeoff Cooper (C4/Eng) starts repeat

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