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The 7th UK Open, 2nd-4th January 2014

Photos from the event are on British Scrabble here.
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Birmingham Mail article: Looking for the right word

Division C Round 25 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
120–5+1613APaul Cousins (C2/Eng)2W:372-269:C5C1
218–7+836AMary Doyle (C7/IRL)2W:365-358:C4C8
318–7+617AIan Kendall (C1/Eng)2W:398-326:C3C2
412–13+762AGeoff Cooper (C4/Eng)1L:358-365:C7C3
512–13−10ASyd Berger (C6/Eng)2L:368-388:C9C5
612–13−37AGeorgie Burchell (C3/Eng)1L:326-398:C1C4
612–13−37BLynne Riley (C14/Eng)2W:394-349:C12C13
812–13−106BFay Madeley (C9/Eng)1W:388-368:C6C10
912–13−322APaul Cartman (C5/Eng)1L:269-372:C2C6
1012–13−417BDuncan MacFarlane (C12/Eng)1L:349-394:C14C11
1110–15−476BAdrian Noller (C8/Eng)1L:319-373:C11C7
129–16−974BBrigitte Brath (C13/DEU)1W:421-315:C10C14
138–17−511BCaroline Elliott (C11/Eng)2W:373-319:C8C12
148–17−938BChristine Cartman (C10/Eng)2L:315-421:C13C9

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