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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 27th-29th August 2016
There will be live streaming of games to Twitch TV.
Live Coverage
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Division A Round 14 Ratings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
111–3+990192200+8ADavid Koenig (A4)2W:490-332:A3replies vs. A7 @2
210–4+1087188196+8AAustin Shin(GM) (A5)2W:528-422:A27starts vs. A13 @7
310–4+995183197+14ANeil Scott(GM) (A8)2L:342-359:A19replies vs. A11 @1
410–4+901197198+1AAllan Simmons(GM) (A1)1W:373-358:A13replies vs. A3 @4
510–4+570182196+14AWayne Kelly(GM) (A9)1W:433-367:A7replies vs. A6 @3
610–4+34168199+31ARobert Richland(Exp) (A15)1W:459-393:A6replies vs. A10 @5
79–5+807185186+1APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A7)2L:367-433:A9starts vs. A4 @2
89–5+535185186+1ARob Robinsky (A6)2L:393-459:A15starts vs. A9 @3
99–5+431178181+3AChris Lipe (A10)2W:446-417:A26starts vs. A15 @5
109–5+259195187−8APiotr Andronowski(Exp) (A3)1L:332-490:A4starts vs. A1 @4
119–5+197166186+20BFemi Awowade(GM) (A16)1W:492-331:A31replies vs. A37 @9
129–5+107166187+21BChris Vicary (A19)1W:359-342:A8replies vs. A27 @6
139–5−146166185+19BJames Squires (A18)1W:410-381:A35replies vs. A2 @10
149–5−230174182+8ABob Linn (A11)2L:377-487:A2starts vs. A8 @1
158–6+556196178−18ALewis Mackay(GM) (A2)1W:487-377:A11starts vs. A18 @10
168–6+465168174+6ARoss MacKenzie (A13)2L:358-373:A1replies vs. A5 @7
178–6+233163167+4BJason Broersma (A48)1W:481-266:A20starts vs. A26 @12
188–6+52152170+18CSue Tremblay (A49)1W:419-377:A12replies vs. A43 @15
198–6+0159165+6BSandy Nang (A27)1L:422-528:A5starts vs. A19 @6
208–6−218150165+15CMatthew Pinner (A37)2L:273-513:A50starts vs. A16 @9
217–7+449144152+8CKathy Richland (A43)1W:427-342:A30starts vs. A49 @15
227–7+382175164−11AOrlet Bullock (A50)1W:513-273:A37replies vs. A35 @13
237–7+233163160−3BJin_Chor Tan (A23)1W:476-359:A32replies vs. A24 @16
247–7+206163161−2BSteve Perry (A22)1W:395-308:A28replies vs. A25 @21
257–7+195151162+11CRachelle Whiteoak (A35)2L:381-410:A18starts vs. A50 @13
267–7+75160155−5BRick Blakeway (A25)2W:425-410:A36starts vs. A22 @21
277–7−55171161−10AWinter Winter (A12)2L:377-419:A49starts vs. A31 @14
287–7−127154173+19BRachel Bingham (A31)2L:331-492:A16replies vs. A12 @14
297–7−156160158−2BElisabeth Jardine (A26)1L:417-446:A10replies vs. A48 @12
307–7−259165160−5BJohn Ashmore (A21)1W:417-361:A24replies vs. A20 @11
316–8+75151153+2CKim Hands (A36)1L:410-425:A25starts vs. A14 @18
326–8−52161152−9BColin Northmore (A24)2L:361-417:A21starts vs. A23 @16
336–8−107165154−11BBob Violett(Exp) (A20)2L:266-481:A48starts vs. A21 @11
346–8−127168155−13ANeil Rowley (A14)1L:389-411:A39replies vs. A36 @18
356–8−439156154−2BMike Whiteoak (A29)1W:409-404:A34replies vs. A46 @22
366–8−661166145−21BBarry Grossman(Exp) (A17)1W:457-440:A40replies vs. A42 @23
375–9−259147134−13CRuth MacInerney (A40)2L:440-457:A17starts vs. A45 @24
385–9−299130143+13CMargaret Staunton (A45)1L:411-491:A46replies vs. A40 @24
395–9−316155143−12BAnne Ashmore (A30)2L:342-427:A43replies vs. A32 @19
405–9−364149140−9CDavid Shenkin (A39)2W:411-389:A14starts vs. A38 @25
415–9−366156135−21BDonna Stanton (A28)2L:308-395:A22replies vs. A34 @17
425–9−372153145−8CAndrew Eames (A34)2L:404-409:A29starts vs. A28 @17
435–9−427153147−6CVictoria Kingham (A32)2L:359-476:A23starts vs. A30 @19
445–9−444146135−11CAdrienne Berger (A41)2W:392-329:A42starts vs. A44 @8
455–9−477153140−13CAndy Becher (A33)1W:439-383:A38replies vs. A47 @20
465–9−834114130+16CPeter Thorpe (A46)2W:491-411:A45starts vs. A29 @22
474–10−487135126−9CNicky Huitson (A44)1W:501-221:A47replies vs. A41 @8
484–10−616146126−20CDaniel Milton (A42)1L:329-392:A41starts vs. A17 @23
494–10−643150130−20CRandi Goldberg (A38)2L:383-439:A33replies vs. A39 @25
501–13−13539792−5CCaroline Elliott (A47)2L:221-501:A44starts vs. A33 @20

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