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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonnington, 27th-29th August 2016
There will be live streaming of games to Twitch TV.
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Division B Round 10 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
36Peter Ashurst (B22) startsLaura Finley (B17) replies
32Steve Balment (B12) repliesMoira Conway (B7) starts
26Graham Bonham (B6) startsAlison Sadler (B2) replies
33Sue Bowman (B16) repliesPeter Dolgenos (B11) starts
27Emma Brown (B4) startsJames Burley (B1) replies
27James Burley (B1) repliesEmma Brown (B4) starts
30Rowan Callaghan (B14) startsJanet Phillips (B9) replies
32Moira Conway (B7) startsSteve Balment (B12) replies
31Ginny Dixon (B13) repliesMargaret Harkness (B18) starts
33Peter Dolgenos (B11) startsSue Bowman (B16) replies
36Laura Finley (B17) repliesPeter Ashurst (B22) starts
31Margaret Harkness (B18) startsGinny Dixon (B13) replies
29Marion Keatings (B10) startsJayne MacKenzie (B5) replies
29Jayne MacKenzie (B5) repliesMarion Keatings (B10) starts
35Jill Parker (B21) repliesMargaret Pritchett (B19) starts
30Janet Phillips (B9) repliesRowan Callaghan (B14) starts
35Margaret Pritchett (B19) startsJill Parker (B21) replies
26Alison Sadler (B2) repliesGraham Bonham (B6) starts
34Carol{Norwich} Smith (B15) startsSylvia Swaney (B20) replies
28Marjorie Struggles (B8) repliesTom Wilson (B3) starts
34Sylvia Swaney (B20) repliesCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15) starts
28Tom Wilson (B3) startsMarjorie Struggles (B8) replies

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