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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonnington, 27th-29th August 2016
There will be live streaming of games to Twitch TV.
Live Coverage
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Division B Round 3 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
13–0+464AJames Burley (B1)1W:494-302:B14replies vs. B20 @26
23–0+319AMoira Conway (B7)2W:477-408:B13starts vs. B2 @30
33–0+253BLaura Finley (B17)1W:413-345:B3replies vs. B12 @28
43–0+244BSteve Balment (B12)2W:431-393:B16starts vs. B17 @28
53–0+182AMarjorie Struggles (B8)2W:405-328:B20starts vs. B13 @33
62–1+251AAlison Sadler (B2)1L:467-489:B19replies vs. B7 @30
72–1+184AJanet Phillips (B9)1W:451-379:B11replies vs. B4 @27
82–1+10BPeter Ashurst (B22)2W:346-325:B6starts vs. B18 @36
92–1−17AEmma Brown (B4)2W:401-371:B21starts vs. B9 @27
102–1−29APeter Dolgenos (B11)2L:379-451:B9starts vs. B6 @31
111–2+179BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)2W:528-254:B5starts vs. B10 @32
121–2+36AMarion Keatings (B10)1W:492-315:B18replies vs. B15 @32
131–2−10AGraham Bonham (B6)1L:325-346:B22replies vs. B11 @31
141–2−50ATom Wilson (B3)2L:345-413:B17starts vs. B5 @29
151–2−112BRowan Callaghan (B14)2L:302-494:B1replies vs. B19 @34
161–2−122BJill Parker (B21)1L:371-401:B4replies vs. B16 @35
171–2−146BMargaret Pritchett (B19)2W:489-467:B2starts vs. B14 @34
181–2−251AJayne MacKenzie (B5)1L:254-528:B15replies vs. B3 @29
190–3−259BSue Bowman (B16)1L:393-431:B12starts vs. B21 @35
200–3−350BMargaret Harkness (B18)2L:315-492:B10replies vs. B22 @36
210–3−373BGinny Dixon (B13)1L:408-477:B7replies vs. B8 @33
220–3−403BSylvia Swaney (B20)1L:328-405:B8starts vs. B1 @26

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