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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 27th-29th August 2016
There will be live streaming of games to Twitch TV.
Live Coverage
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Division B High Total Opponent Scores

11007312.0-13.0+26BSteve Balment (B12)
21003311.0-14.0-775BJill Parker (B21)
310018 5.0-20.0-883BGinny Dixon (B13)
4994313.0-12.0-42AJanet Phillips (B9)
5973111.0-14.0-508BMargaret Harkness (B18)
6968212.0-13.0-340AJayne MacKenzie (B5)
7961016.0- 9.0+374AEmma Brown (B4)
8960711.0-14.0-17BMargaret Pritchett (B19)
9957413.0-12.0+274AMarjorie Struggles (B8)
10955614.5-10.5+281BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)
119379 8.0-17.0-1408BSylvia Swaney (B20)
129289 9.5-15.5-154BSue Bowman (B16)
13924417.0- 8.0+761AMoira Conway (B7)
14915813.0-12.0+211AMarion Keatings (B10)
15915214.0-11.0+631AAlison Sadler (B2)
16914819.0- 6.0+1559AJames Burley (B1)
17913014.0-11.0+164BLaura Finley (B17)
18909115.0-10.0+629ATom Wilson (B3)
19901916.0- 9.0+409BPeter Ashurst (B22)
20888015.0-10.0+756AGraham Bonham (B6)
214537 7.0-14.0-652BRowan Callaghan (B14)
223092 5.0-16.0-1296APeter Dolgenos (B11)

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