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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 27th-29th August 2016
The games are
archived here.
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Division B Rating Upsets

271311587410392BLaura Finley (B17)James Burley (B1)
2312915214393367BPeter Ashurst (B22)Alison Sadler (B2)
221301523489467BMargaret Pritchett (B19)Alison Sadler (B2)
221291511440349BPeter Ashurst (B22)Tom Wilson (B3)
2212915123392386BPeter Ashurst (B22)Tom Wilson (B3)
2113115215468355BLaura Finley (B17)Alison Sadler (B2)
2113115224415332BLaura Finley (B17)Alison Sadler (B2)
2113115216421405BMargaret Harkness (B18)Alison Sadler (B2)
211301516456343BMargaret Pritchett (B19)Tom Wilson (B3)
2112915024372362BPeter Ashurst (B22)Emma Brown (B4)
2013815814464358BSteve Balment (B12)James Burley (B1)
201311513413345BLaura Finley (B17)Tom Wilson (B3)
1813415211461416BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)Alison Sadler (B2)
1713415115378366BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)Tom Wilson (B3)
1712914616478255BPeter Ashurst (B22)Jayne MacKenzie (B5)
1614215816388340AMarion Keatings (B10)James Burley (B1)
1613415021355321BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)Emma Brown (B4)
161301461437336BJill Parker (B21)Jayne MacKenzie (B5)
161291453346325BPeter Ashurst (B22)Graham Bonham (B6)
1612914525381361BPeter Ashurst (B22)Graham Bonham (B6)
151351502453342BRowan Callaghan (B14)Emma Brown (B4)
151311466372367BLaura Finley (B17)Jayne MacKenzie (B5)
151301456443388BSylvia Swaney (B20)Graham Bonham (B6)
141311457444402BMargaret Harkness (B18)Moira Conway (B7)
1413014421414354BMargaret Pritchett (B19)Marjorie Struggles (B8)
1413014411451415BJill Parker (B21)Marjorie Struggles (B8)
1412914320375367BPeter Ashurst (B22)Janet Phillips (B9)
1412914322388281BPeter Ashurst (B22)Janet Phillips (B9)
1314515824421375AMoira Conway (B7)James Burley (B1)
1313114418470415BLaura Finley (B17)Marjorie Struggles (B8)
131311446388343BMargaret Harkness (B18)Marjorie Struggles (B8)
121461585471356AJayne MacKenzie (B5)James Burley (B1)
121341463528254BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)Jayne MacKenzie (B5)
121311431434353BLaura Finley (B17)Janet Phillips (B9)
1213014215371358BSylvia Swaney (B20)Marion Keatings (B10)
1213014221440332BJill Parker (B21)Marion Keatings (B10)
111341456436430BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)Moira Conway (B7)
1113414518419363BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)Graham Bonham (B6)
111341459471404BSue Bowman (B16)Moira Conway (B7)
1013414414443343BSue Bowman (B16)Marjorie Struggles (B8)
91431525459382AJanet Phillips (B9)Alison Sadler (B2)
914215119444338AMarion Keatings (B10)Tom Wilson (B3)
913714615418362BGinny Dixon (B13)Jayne MacKenzie (B5)
913414314453356BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)Janet Phillips (B9)
912913821601336BPeter Ashurst (B22)Steve Balment (B12)
814415219479400AMarjorie Struggles (B8)Alison Sadler (B2)
814315118390330AJanet Phillips (B9)Tom Wilson (B3)
813514310468324BRowan Callaghan (B14)Janet Phillips (B9)
813013811390366BSylvia Swaney (B20)Steve Balment (B12)
81291379427355BPeter Ashurst (B22)Ginny Dixon (B13)
715115817372337ATom Wilson (B3)James Burley (B1)
71431504436346AJanet Phillips (B9)Emma Brown (B4)
71381452454315BSteve Balment (B12)Graham Bonham (B6)
71311384372343BLaura Finley (B17)Steve Balment (B12)
713013720486352BMargaret Pritchett (B19)Ginny Dixon (B13)
713013719460321BSylvia Swaney (B20)Ginny Dixon (B13)
614515112369336AGraham Bonham (B6)Tom Wilson (B3)
61451515488349AMoira Conway (B7)Tom Wilson (B3)
61441509432397AMarjorie Struggles (B8)Emma Brown (B4)
61391454353331APeter Dolgenos (B11)Graham Bonham (B6)
613814416408388BSteve Balment (B12)Marjorie Struggles (B8)
61311372414310BLaura Finley (B17)Ginny Dixon (B13)
613113710429427BMargaret Harkness (B18)Ginny Dixon (B13)
613113724440422BMargaret Harkness (B18)Ginny Dixon (B13)
514515017482298AMoira Conway (B7)Emma Brown (B4)
513714217430414BGinny Dixon (B13)Marion Keatings (B10)
51301354374310BMargaret Pritchett (B19)Rowan Callaghan (B14)
51291345348339BPeter Ashurst (B22)Sue Bowman (B16)
512913419391314BPeter Ashurst (B22)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B15)
414615013466396AJayne MacKenzie (B5)Emma Brown (B4)
414214624410405AMarion Keatings (B10)Jayne MacKenzie (B5)
41381421421354BSteve Balment (B12)Marion Keatings (B10)
413413817368358BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)Steve Balment (B12)
413113511393362BMargaret Harkness (B18)Rowan Callaghan (B14)
413013417409387BMargaret Pritchett (B19)Sue Bowman (B16)
41301344415403BJill Parker (B21)Sue Bowman (B16)
413013423569325BJill Parker (B21)Sue Bowman (B16)
31351386407399BRowan Callaghan (B14)Steve Balment (B12)
313413716466354BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B15)Ginny Dixon (B13)
313413712418392BSue Bowman (B16)Ginny Dixon (B13)
313413722407385BSue Bowman (B16)Ginny Dixon (B13)
313113421432362BMargaret Harkness (B18)Sue Bowman (B16)
313113425413376BMargaret Harkness (B18)Sue Bowman (B16)
215015212428343AEmma Brown (B4)Alison Sadler (B2)
215015222446297AEmma Brown (B4)Alison Sadler (B2)
214414625530277AMarjorie Struggles (B8)Jayne MacKenzie (B5)
214214422503332AMarion Keatings (B10)Marjorie Struggles (B8)
21351378394382BRowan Callaghan (B14)Ginny Dixon (B13)
212913110487452BPeter Ashurst (B22)Laura Finley (B17)
11451468334327AGraham Bonham (B6)Jayne MacKenzie (B5)
114514618420404AMoira Conway (B7)Jayne MacKenzie (B5)
11301319450271BMargaret Pritchett (B19)Laura Finley (B17)
113013113390371BMargaret Pritchett (B19)Margaret Harkness (B18)
11301315374334BSylvia Swaney (B20)Margaret Harkness (B18)
113013117420367BJill Parker (B21)Margaret Harkness (B18)
113013119466356BJill Parker (B21)Laura Finley (B17)
112913017386327BPeter Ashurst (B22)Sylvia Swaney (B20)

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