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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 27th-29th August 2016
The games are
archived here.
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Division C High Wins

18517264AEsther Kasket (C2)Syd Berger (C6)
3517308BStany Arnold (C14)Rose Kingdom (C10)
4510346ATed Lewis (C1)Jean Owen (C11)
11495280AJune Edwards (C8)Ted Lewis (C1)
19494309BBarbara Morris (C12)June Edwards (C8)
4489322ARose Kingdom (C10)Barbara Morris (C12)
22489329BMichael Holligan (C17)Stany Arnold (C14)
3488381ATed Lewis (C1)Barbara Morris (C12)
14488327ALois McLeod (C5)Val Hoskings (C13)
14488351BBarbara Morris (C12)Stany Arnold (C14)
3487338AJune Edwards (C8)Lou McMeeken (C16)
12483323AEsther Kasket (C2)Jean Owen (C11)
15483407BBarbara Morris (C12)Lou McMeeken (C16)
3481356ASyd Berger (C6)Chris Bluett (C18)
19477318ATed Lewis (C1)Rose Kingdom (C10)
20476308AGeoff Cooper (C7)Ted Lewis (C1)
8474309BBarbara Morris (C12)Barbara Hill (C9)
15472349AJune Edwards (C8)Philippa Morris (C20)
4467394BTemu Oluku (C15)Geoff Cooper (C7)
12465284AGeoff Cooper (C7)Lois McLeod (C5)
2465397BVal Hoskings (C13)Barbara Morris (C12)
2464353AEsther Kasket (C2)Janet Bonham (C3)
5464395BStany Arnold (C14)Val Hoskings (C13)
22462383ATed Lewis (C1)Chris Bluett (C18)
18460324BVal Hoskings (C13)Chris Bluett (C18)
12459425BStany Arnold (C14)Chris Bluett (C18)
22458289AMarlene Skinner (C4)Geoff Cooper (C7)
1457262ATed Lewis (C1)Michael Holligan (C17)
5457335BTemu Oluku (C15)Lou McMeeken (C16)
22457406BPhilippa Morris (C20)Rose Kingdom (C10)
15456317BMichael Holligan (C17)Marlene Skinner (C4)
23455308ABarbara Hill (C9)Temu Oluku (C15)
2454329ATed Lewis (C1)Philippa Morris (C20)
18454326AJanet Bonham (C3)June Edwards (C8)
6454360AJune Edwards (C8)Jean Owen (C11)
8453433BLou McMeeken (C16)Val Hoskings (C13)
16450326AGeoff Cooper (C7)Betty Toole (C19)
18448318BJean Owen (C11)Lou McMeeken (C16)
5447398AJune Edwards (C8)Geoff Cooper (C7)
17447346BMichael Holligan (C17)Val Hoskings (C13)
22447257BBetty Toole (C19)Jean Owen (C11)
8446398AEsther Kasket (C2)Marlene Skinner (C4)
17446340AJanet Bonham (C3)Stany Arnold (C14)
24445291AEsther Kasket (C2)Syd Berger (C6)
23445322BJean Owen (C11)Lou McMeeken (C16)
24445331BBarbara Morris (C12)Marlene Skinner (C4)
7444314AJune Edwards (C8)Val Hoskings (C13)
18444321BBarbara Morris (C12)Geoff Cooper (C7)
5444297BBetty Toole (C19)Philippa Morris (C20)
14443346BMichael Holligan (C17)Esther Kasket (C2)
20443283BPhilippa Morris (C20)Lou McMeeken (C16)
22440328ABarbara Hill (C9)June Edwards (C8)
14440402ARose Kingdom (C10)Lou McMeeken (C16)
22440373BVal Hoskings (C13)Lou McMeeken (C16)
5439227AJanet Bonham (C3)Marlene Skinner (C4)
23439376AMarlene Skinner (C4)Michael Holligan (C17)
18438216ATed Lewis (C1)Marlene Skinner (C4)
9436389ASyd Berger (C6)Val Hoskings (C13)
25435339BTemu Oluku (C15)June Edwards (C8)
13434320AJanet Bonham (C3)Barbara Morris (C12)
12434332BLou McMeeken (C16)Ted Lewis (C1)
10433340AGeoff Cooper (C7)Ted Lewis (C1)
12432359ABarbara Hill (C9)Janet Bonham (C3)
20431312BBarbara Morris (C12)Stany Arnold (C14)
13431281BStany Arnold (C14)Lois McLeod (C5)
6429323AJanet Bonham (C3)Ted Lewis (C1)
18429324ALois McLeod (C5)Rose Kingdom (C10)
21429385BTemu Oluku (C15)Janet Bonham (C3)
16428321ARose Kingdom (C10)June Edwards (C8)
1427345AMarlene Skinner (C4)Syd Berger (C6)
22427356ALois McLeod (C5)Barbara Morris (C12)
23426304ATed Lewis (C1)Stany Arnold (C14)
19426277AMarlene Skinner (C4)Lou McMeeken (C16)
21426351ALois McLeod (C5)Geoff Cooper (C7)
11426357BPhilippa Morris (C20)Geoff Cooper (C7)
10425360AMarlene Skinner (C4)Temu Oluku (C15)
24425349BJean Owen (C11)Chris Bluett (C18)
24425352BVal Hoskings (C13)Rose Kingdom (C10)
23424344AJanet Bonham (C3)Syd Berger (C6)
17424351AMarlene Skinner (C4)Rose Kingdom (C10)
24424261BStany Arnold (C14)Lou McMeeken (C16)
16423341ATed Lewis (C1)Val Hoskings (C13)
20423391AJanet Bonham (C3)Barbara Hill (C9)
4422322AJanet Bonham (C3)Betty Toole (C19)
6422330AMarlene Skinner (C4)Geoff Cooper (C7)
11422410BBarbara Morris (C12)Marlene Skinner (C4)
17422367BTemu Oluku (C15)Ted Lewis (C1)
20421342BVal Hoskings (C13)Betty Toole (C19)
12421332BPhilippa Morris (C20)Barbara Morris (C12)
15420349ABarbara Hill (C9)Geoff Cooper (C7)
7419326AJanet Bonham (C3)Lois McLeod (C5)
13419339AMarlene Skinner (C4)June Edwards (C8)
7419333BStany Arnold (C14)Betty Toole (C19)
6418357AEsther Kasket (C2)Lois McLeod (C5)
4418404ALois McLeod (C5)Michael Holligan (C17)
22418412BTemu Oluku (C15)Syd Berger (C6)
5417329AEsther Kasket (C2)Ted Lewis (C1)
8417328ALois McLeod (C5)June Edwards (C8)
21417402AJune Edwards (C8)Esther Kasket (C2)
19416354AGeoff Cooper (C7)Michael Holligan (C17)
25416316BStany Arnold (C14)Rose Kingdom (C10)
13416345BChris Bluett (C18)Barbara Hill (C9)
24416368BBetty Toole (C19)Philippa Morris (C20)
9415338AJune Edwards (C8)Temu Oluku (C15)
23415314BChris Bluett (C18)Geoff Cooper (C7)
6414300ABarbara Hill (C9)Syd Berger (C6)
10414336ARose Kingdom (C10)Philippa Morris (C20)
21414249BStany Arnold (C14)Marlene Skinner (C4)
9413379ARose Kingdom (C10)Michael Holligan (C17)
11413322BMichael Holligan (C17)Jean Owen (C11)
5412346BBarbara Morris (C12)Jean Owen (C11)
6412304BStany Arnold (C14)Michael Holligan (C17)
6412332BTemu Oluku (C15)Barbara Morris (C12)
7412335BTemu Oluku (C15)Rose Kingdom (C10)
10411273AJune Edwards (C8)Betty Toole (C19)
16411344ABarbara Hill (C9)Michael Holligan (C17)
2411347ARose Kingdom (C10)Jean Owen (C11)
11410354ASyd Berger (C6)Rose Kingdom (C10)
9410331BLou McMeeken (C16)Chris Bluett (C18)
2409341ALois McLeod (C5)Marlene Skinner (C4)
3408341ALois McLeod (C5)Temu Oluku (C15)
2408378BTemu Oluku (C15)Stany Arnold (C14)
1407282AJanet Bonham (C3)Rose Kingdom (C10)
18407365BTemu Oluku (C15)Philippa Morris (C20)
7407325BChris Bluett (C18)Ted Lewis (C1)
23407378BPhilippa Morris (C20)Val Hoskings (C13)
14406304ASyd Berger (C6)Philippa Morris (C20)
12406383AJune Edwards (C8)Michael Holligan (C17)
20406373BTemu Oluku (C15)Esther Kasket (C2)
14405388AJanet Bonham (C3)Temu Oluku (C15)
17405386AGeoff Cooper (C7)Chris Bluett (C18)
25404280BJean Owen (C11)Philippa Morris (C20)
25404334BBarbara Morris (C12)Ted Lewis (C1)
25404371BLou McMeeken (C16)Geoff Cooper (C7)
18404369BMichael Holligan (C17)Betty Toole (C19)
10403314BJean Owen (C11)Janet Bonham (C3)
5403399BMichael Holligan (C17)Chris Bluett (C18)
2403314BChris Bluett (C18)Betty Toole (C19)
19402282AEsther Kasket (C2)Chris Bluett (C18)
9401373ATed Lewis (C1)Lois McLeod (C5)
21401391ATed Lewis (C1)Philippa Morris (C20)
12401397ASyd Berger (C6)Temu Oluku (C15)
25401291BVal Hoskings (C13)Michael Holligan (C17)
15401367BChris Bluett (C18)Rose Kingdom (C10)
3400321BVal Hoskings (C13)Geoff Cooper (C7)
10400345BVal Hoskings (C13)Esther Kasket (C2)
11399297AEsther Kasket (C2)Stany Arnold (C14)
1399390ALois McLeod (C5)Barbara Morris (C12)
25399344ALois McLeod (C5)Marlene Skinner (C4)
16399369BJean Owen (C11)Temu Oluku (C15)
17399374BBarbara Morris (C12)Esther Kasket (C2)
15399303BStany Arnold (C14)Ted Lewis (C1)
8399338BTemu Oluku (C15)Chris Bluett (C18)
24398310AJanet Bonham (C3)Barbara Hill (C9)
1398372BTemu Oluku (C15)Betty Toole (C19)
13397285ARose Kingdom (C10)Esther Kasket (C2)
21397328BBarbara Morris (C12)Chris Bluett (C18)
12397342BVal Hoskings (C13)Marlene Skinner (C4)
5396366ASyd Berger (C6)Lois McLeod (C5)
1396386AJune Edwards (C8)Esther Kasket (C2)
4395387BStany Arnold (C14)June Edwards (C8)
19395348BBetty Toole (C19)Lois McLeod (C5)
22394336AJanet Bonham (C3)Esther Kasket (C2)
25394371ASyd Berger (C6)Esther Kasket (C2)
24393328AGeoff Cooper (C7)Michael Holligan (C17)
19392332BPhilippa Morris (C20)Janet Bonham (C3)
15391387ALois McLeod (C5)Jean Owen (C11)
17391359AJune Edwards (C8)Syd Berger (C6)
1389379AGeoff Cooper (C7)Stany Arnold (C14)
7389366BPhilippa Morris (C20)Lou McMeeken (C16)
14388331AMarlene Skinner (C4)Betty Toole (C19)
5387332ABarbara Hill (C9)Rose Kingdom (C10)
13387380BVal Hoskings (C13)Betty Toole (C19)
13387347BTemu Oluku (C15)Michael Holligan (C17)
3387374BMichael Holligan (C17)Janet Bonham (C3)
24386332ATed Lewis (C1)Lois McLeod (C5)
2386359BLou McMeeken (C16)Michael Holligan (C17)
9385377AJanet Bonham (C3)Geoff Cooper (C7)
8385348AGeoff Cooper (C7)Rose Kingdom (C10)
8385382BJean Owen (C11)Stany Arnold (C14)
20385378BChris Bluett (C18)Michael Holligan (C17)
16385337BPhilippa Morris (C20)Lois McLeod (C5)
8384320ATed Lewis (C1)Betty Toole (C19)
23384380BBarbara Morris (C12)Esther Kasket (C2)
21384334BMichael Holligan (C17)Rose Kingdom (C10)
9384365BPhilippa Morris (C20)Stany Arnold (C14)
19383342BJean Owen (C11)Val Hoskings (C13)
9382324BJean Owen (C11)Marlene Skinner (C4)
8381380AJanet Bonham (C3)Syd Berger (C6)
24381335AJune Edwards (C8)Temu Oluku (C15)
10381356BStany Arnold (C14)Lou McMeeken (C16)
11380327ABarbara Hill (C9)Betty Toole (C19)
21379350ASyd Berger (C6)Barbara Hill (C9)
19379346ABarbara Hill (C9)Temu Oluku (C15)
12379358ARose Kingdom (C10)Betty Toole (C19)
13378290ASyd Berger (C6)Ted Lewis (C1)
4378351BVal Hoskings (C13)Barbara Hill (C9)
11378372BTemu Oluku (C15)Val Hoskings (C13)
16377366AEsther Kasket (C2)Lou McMeeken (C16)
14377365AGeoff Cooper (C7)Jean Owen (C11)
13377355BLou McMeeken (C16)Geoff Cooper (C7)
3376357AMarlene Skinner (C4)Philippa Morris (C20)
20376347ASyd Berger (C6)June Edwards (C8)
23376358AJune Edwards (C8)Lois McLeod (C5)
3376310ABarbara Hill (C9)Jean Owen (C11)
17375329ABarbara Hill (C9)Philippa Morris (C20)
10375329BBarbara Morris (C12)Chris Bluett (C18)
17375343BBetty Toole (C19)Jean Owen (C11)
18373349ABarbara Hill (C9)Stany Arnold (C14)
17373341BLou McMeeken (C16)Lois McLeod (C5)
7372317ASyd Berger (C6)Jean Owen (C11)
20371327AMarlene Skinner (C4)Jean Owen (C11)
6371363ARose Kingdom (C10)Val Hoskings (C13)
15371342BTemu Oluku (C15)Esther Kasket (C2)
10370368ALois McLeod (C5)Barbara Hill (C9)
4370350ASyd Berger (C6)Lou McMeeken (C16)
6369259BChris Bluett (C18)Philippa Morris (C20)
11369335BChris Bluett (C18)Lois McLeod (C5)
15368316AJanet Bonham (C3)Val Hoskings (C13)
19367353ASyd Berger (C6)Stany Arnold (C14)
7366306ABarbara Hill (C9)Marlene Skinner (C4)
7366300BMichael Holligan (C17)Barbara Morris (C12)
14366318BChris Bluett (C18)June Edwards (C8)
1365347ABarbara Hill (C9)Lou McMeeken (C16)
21365346BBetty Toole (C19)Lou McMeeken (C16)
2364353ABarbara Hill (C9)June Edwards (C8)
10364353BMichael Holligan (C17)Syd Berger (C6)
16364319BChris Bluett (C18)Janet Bonham (C3)
9363342ABarbara Hill (C9)Esther Kasket (C2)
13363335BJean Owen (C11)Philippa Morris (C20)
3362332AEsther Kasket (C2)Betty Toole (C19)
11362314BLou McMeeken (C16)Janet Bonham (C3)
16361328AMarlene Skinner (C4)Stany Arnold (C14)
20360359ALois McLeod (C5)Rose Kingdom (C10)
6360327BLou McMeeken (C16)Betty Toole (C19)
1360352BPhilippa Morris (C20)Val Hoskings (C13)
15358331ASyd Berger (C6)Betty Toole (C19)
2356290AGeoff Cooper (C7)Syd Berger (C6)
7355290AEsther Kasket (C2)Geoff Cooper (C7)
14355354ABarbara Hill (C9)Ted Lewis (C1)
16353326ASyd Berger (C6)Barbara Morris (C12)
21353313BJean Owen (C11)Val Hoskings (C13)
9350313BBetty Toole (C19)Barbara Morris (C12)
25349338BChris Bluett (C18)Betty Toole (C19)
25347341ABarbara Hill (C9)Janet Bonham (C3)
4345272BChris Bluett (C18)Marlene Skinner (C4)
8345302BPhilippa Morris (C20)Michael Holligan (C17)
4339333AEsther Kasket (C2)Philippa Morris (C20)
1334301BJean Owen (C11)Chris Bluett (C18)
23311305ARose Kingdom (C10)Betty Toole (C19)

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