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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonnington, 27th-29th August 2016
There will be live streaming of games to Twitch TV.
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Division C Round 6 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
15–1+286AEsther Kasket (C2)2W:418-357:C5replies vs. C7 @37
25–1+264BTemu Oluku (C15)2W:412-332:C12starts vs. C10 @41
35–1+237ABarbara Hill (C9)1W:414-300:C6replies vs. C4 @40
44–2+419AJanet Bonham (C3)1W:429-323:C1starts vs. C5 @44
54–2+397ATed Lewis (C1)2L:323-429:C3replies vs. C18 @38
64–2+354BStany Arnold (C14)2W:412-304:C17replies vs. C19 @46
74–2+283AJune Edwards (C8)1W:454-360:C11starts vs. C13 @42
84–2+67ALois McLeod (C5)1L:357-418:C2replies vs. C3 @44
93–3+110BChris Bluett (C18)2W:369-259:C20starts vs. C1 @38
103–3+89BVal Hoskings (C13)1L:363-371:C10replies vs. C8 @42
113–3−87ASyd Berger (C6)2L:300-414:C9replies vs. C11 @39
123–3−150ARose Kingdom (C10)2W:371-363:C13replies vs. C15 @41
133–3−160AMarlene Skinner (C4)1W:422-330:C7starts vs. C9 @40
142–4−217AGeoff Cooper (C7)2L:330-422:C4starts vs. C2 @37
152–4−249BLou McMeeken (C16)1W:360-327:C19starts vs. C20 @45
162–4−327BMichael Holligan (C17)1L:304-412:C14replies vs. C12 @43
171–5−131BBetty Toole (C19)2L:327-360:C16starts vs. C14 @46
181–5−365BBarbara Morris (C12)1L:332-412:C15starts vs. C17 @43
191–5−399BPhilippa Morris (C20)1L:259-369:C18replies vs. C16 @45
201–5−421BJean Owen (C11)2L:360-454:C8starts vs. C6 @39

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