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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 27th-29th August 2016
The games are
archived here.
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Division C Rating Upsets

2610112719392332BPhilippa Morris (C20)Janet Bonham (C3)
2310112416385337BPhilippa Morris (C20)Lois McLeod (C5)
2210212419395348BBetty Toole (C19)Lois McLeod (C5)
211071287407325BChris Bluett (C18)Ted Lewis (C1)
2010712716364319BChris Bluett (C18)Janet Bonham (C3)
2010112111426357BPhilippa Morris (C20)Geoff Cooper (C7)
191071264345272BChris Bluett (C18)Marlene Skinner (C4)
181091273387374BMichael Holligan (C17)Janet Bonham (C3)
1810912714443346BMichael Holligan (C17)Esther Kasket (C2)
1710912615456317BMichael Holligan (C17)Marlene Skinner (C4)
1710712411369335BChris Bluett (C18)Lois McLeod (C5)
1610111722457406BPhilippa Morris (C20)Rose Kingdom (C10)
1511312817422367BTemu Oluku (C15)Ted Lewis (C1)
1511312812434332BLou McMeeken (C16)Ted Lewis (C1)
1510912410364353BMichael Holligan (C17)Syd Berger (C6)
1510111612421332BPhilippa Morris (C20)Barbara Morris (C12)
1411412815399303BStany Arnold (C14)Ted Lewis (C1)
1411312715371342BTemu Oluku (C15)Esther Kasket (C2)
1411312720406373BTemu Oluku (C15)Esther Kasket (C2)
1411312721429385BTemu Oluku (C15)Janet Bonham (C3)
1411312711362314BLou McMeeken (C16)Janet Bonham (C3)
1410712123415314BChris Bluett (C18)Geoff Cooper (C7)
141021169350313BBetty Toole (C19)Barbara Morris (C12)
1410211617375343BBetty Toole (C19)Jean Owen (C11)
1410211622447257BBetty Toole (C19)Jean Owen (C11)
1311412710400345BVal Hoskings (C13)Esther Kasket (C2)
1310712014366318BChris Bluett (C18)June Edwards (C8)
131011141360352BPhilippa Morris (C20)Val Hoskings (C13)
131011149384365BPhilippa Morris (C20)Stany Arnold (C14)
1310111423407378BPhilippa Morris (C20)Val Hoskings (C13)
1211612825404334BBarbara Morris (C12)Ted Lewis (C1)
1211412612397342BVal Hoskings (C13)Marlene Skinner (C4)
1211412621414249BStany Arnold (C14)Marlene Skinner (C4)
1210711913416345BChris Bluett (C18)Barbara Hill (C9)
121011137389366BPhilippa Morris (C20)Lou McMeeken (C16)
1210111320443283BPhilippa Morris (C20)Lou McMeeken (C16)
1111612710403314BJean Owen (C11)Janet Bonham (C3)
1111612717399374BBarbara Morris (C12)Esther Kasket (C2)
1111612723384380BBarbara Morris (C12)Esther Kasket (C2)
1111312422418412BTemu Oluku (C15)Syd Berger (C6)
1111312417373341BLou McMeeken (C16)Lois McLeod (C5)
1110211321365346BBetty Toole (C19)Lou McMeeken (C16)
1011712713397285ARose Kingdom (C10)Esther Kasket (C2)
101161269382324BJean Owen (C11)Marlene Skinner (C4)
1011612611422410BBarbara Morris (C12)Marlene Skinner (C4)
1011612624445331BBarbara Morris (C12)Marlene Skinner (C4)
1011412413431281BStany Arnold (C14)Lois McLeod (C5)
1010711715401367BChris Bluett (C18)Rose Kingdom (C10)
911912814355354ABarbara Hill (C9)Ted Lewis (C1)
812012811495280AJune Edwards (C8)Ted Lewis (C1)
81191279363342ABarbara Hill (C9)Esther Kasket (C2)
811912712432359ABarbara Hill (C9)Janet Bonham (C3)
811912725347341ABarbara Hill (C9)Janet Bonham (C3)
81131214467394BTemu Oluku (C15)Geoff Cooper (C7)
811312113377355BLou McMeeken (C16)Geoff Cooper (C7)
811312125404371BLou McMeeken (C16)Geoff Cooper (C7)
810911721384334BMichael Holligan (C17)Rose Kingdom (C10)
81011098345302BPhilippa Morris (C20)Michael Holligan (C17)
712112810433340AGeoff Cooper (C7)Ted Lewis (C1)
712112820476308AGeoff Cooper (C7)Ted Lewis (C1)
71201271396386AJune Edwards (C8)Esther Kasket (C2)
712012721417402AJune Edwards (C8)Esther Kasket (C2)
71191267366306ABarbara Hill (C9)Marlene Skinner (C4)
71141213400321BVal Hoskings (C13)Geoff Cooper (C7)
711312025435339BTemu Oluku (C15)June Edwards (C8)
71091167366300BMichael Holligan (C17)Barbara Morris (C12)
710911611413322BMichael Holligan (C17)Jean Owen (C11)
61141204395387BStany Arnold (C14)June Edwards (C8)
51191246414300ABarbara Hill (C9)Syd Berger (C6)
511612118444321BBarbara Morris (C12)Geoff Cooper (C7)
51141194378351BVal Hoskings (C13)Barbara Hill (C9)
510911417447346BMichael Holligan (C17)Val Hoskings (C13)
510911422489329BMichael Holligan (C17)Stany Arnold (C14)
412412813378290ASyd Berger (C6)Ted Lewis (C1)
412012417391359AJune Edwards (C8)Syd Berger (C6)
412012423376358AJune Edwards (C8)Lois McLeod (C5)
411612019494309BBarbara Morris (C12)June Edwards (C8)
41131177412335BTemu Oluku (C15)Rose Kingdom (C10)
312412725394371ASyd Berger (C6)Esther Kasket (C2)
31211242356290AGeoff Cooper (C7)Syd Berger (C6)
312112412465284AGeoff Cooper (C7)Lois McLeod (C5)
311712016428321ARose Kingdom (C10)June Edwards (C8)
31161198474309BBarbara Morris (C12)Barbara Hill (C9)
311411724425352BVal Hoskings (C13)Rose Kingdom (C10)
31141173517308BStany Arnold (C14)Rose Kingdom (C10)
311411725416316BStany Arnold (C14)Rose Kingdom (C10)
31131166412332BTemu Oluku (C15)Barbara Morris (C12)
21241262409341ALois McLeod (C5)Marlene Skinner (C4)
212412625399344ALois McLeod (C5)Marlene Skinner (C4)
211912115420349ABarbara Hill (C9)Geoff Cooper (C7)
21141162465397BVal Hoskings (C13)Barbara Morris (C12)
210710920385378BChris Bluett (C18)Michael Holligan (C17)
11271285417329AEsther Kasket (C2)Ted Lewis (C1)
11271286429323AJanet Bonham (C3)Ted Lewis (C1)
11201215447398AJune Edwards (C8)Geoff Cooper (C7)
11191202364353ABarbara Hill (C9)June Edwards (C8)
111912022440328ABarbara Hill (C9)June Edwards (C8)
11131142408378BTemu Oluku (C15)Stany Arnold (C14)
111311411378372BTemu Oluku (C15)Val Hoskings (C13)
11131148453433BLou McMeeken (C16)Val Hoskings (C13)

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