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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 27th-29th August 2016
The games are
archived here.
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Prize Table

Place Prizes
1Division a Rank: 1st£800.00Allan Simmons(GM) (A1) 20-5 +1777
2Division a Rank: 2nd£400.00Rob Robinsky (A6) 18-7 +1371
3Division a Rank: 3rd£250.00Lewis Mackay(GM) (A2) 17-8 +1318
4Division a Rank: 4th£150.00David Koenig (A4) 17-8 +877
5Division a Rank: 5th£100.00Neil Scott(GM) (A8) 16-9 +1151
6Division a Class Rank: 1st£75.00Chris Vicary (A19) 15-10 -28
7Division a Class Rank: 1st£75.00Sue Tremblay (A49) 13-12 -121
8ratings performance£75Peter Thorpe (A46) +20 = 134-114
9Division b Rank: 1st£275.00James Burley (B1) 19-6 +1559
10Division b Rank: 2nd£100.00Moira Conway (B7) 17-8 +761
11Division b Rank: 3rd£75.00Peter Ashurst (B22) 16-9 +409
12Division b Rank: 4th£40.00Emma Brown (B4) 16-9 +374
13Division b Class Rank: 1st£40.00Carol{Norwich} Smith (B15) 14.5-10.5 +281
14Division c Rank: 1st£250.00Barbara Hill (C9) 18-7 +564
15Division c Rank: 2nd£100.00Janet Bonham (C3) 16-9 +831
16Division c Rank: 3rd£75.00Temu Oluku (C15) 16-9 +334
17Division c Rank: 4th£30.00Syd Berger (C6) 15-10 -123
18Division c Class Rank: 1st£30.00Barbara Morris (C12) 14-11 +376

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