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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
BMSC Extra, Sutton Bonington, 26th-27th August 2016
The games are archived here.
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Division EA High Spreads

1290587297ANeil Scott(GM) (EA2)Randi Goldberg (EA24)
7266475209BMatthew Pinner (EA17)Daniel Milton (EA21)
8240580340ASteve Perry (EA8)Daniel Milton (EA21)
4239511272ANeil Scott(GM) (EA2)Bob Linn (EA5)
6235512277ANeil Scott(GM) (EA2)Robert Richland(Exp) (EA7)
4211473262ASandy Nang (EA11)John Ashmore (EA9)
1205599394ASandy Nang (EA11)Alison Sadler (EA16)
2200485285AWayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)Rachel Bingham (EA14)
8194521327AWinter Winter (EA6)David Shenkin (EA20)
4187525338BRachel Bingham (EA14)Ruth MacInerney (EA18)
2186479293ASandy Nang (EA11)Randi Goldberg (EA24)
2185471286ARob Robinsky (EA1)Andy Becher (EA15)
8184527343AJohn Ashmore (EA9)Robert Richland(Exp) (EA7)
10182545363ASteve Perry (EA8)Graham Bonham (EA23)
4173488315BGraham Bonham (EA23)David Shenkin (EA20)
3169490321ABob Linn (EA5)Elisabeth Jardine (EA10)
7166520354BRandi Goldberg (EA24)Adrienne Berger (EA19)
2160436276AJohn Ashmore (EA9)Adrienne Berger (EA19)
5150471321ARobert Richland(Exp) (EA7)Alison Sadler (EA16)
3150476326BKathy Richland (EA22)Rachel Bingham (EA14)
3146443297BMatthew Pinner (EA17)Adrienne Berger (EA19)
4142500358AChris Lipe (EA4)Wayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)
2141460319BGraham Bonham (EA23)Elisabeth Jardine (EA10)
5134438304BRachel Bingham (EA14)Randi Goldberg (EA24)
9132429297BAmy Byrne (EA13)Graham Bonham (EA23)
5129480351AWayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)Sandy Nang (EA11)
9128497369AWinter Winter (EA6)Anne Ashmore (EA12)
3128430302BDaniel Milton (EA21)Amy Byrne (EA13)
7126503377BAmy Byrne (EA13)Ruth MacInerney (EA18)
2125473348ARobert Richland(Exp) (EA7)Daniel Milton (EA21)
5117462345ARob Robinsky (EA1)Graham Bonham (EA23)
4117485368ARobert Richland(Exp) (EA7)Kathy Richland (EA22)
5116441325ABob Linn (EA5)David Shenkin (EA20)
2111490379AAnne Ashmore (EA12)Kathy Richland (EA22)
2110503393BAlison Sadler (EA16)Neil Scott(GM) (EA2)
4110431321BAlison Sadler (EA16)Matthew Pinner (EA17)
3109479370AWayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)Anne Ashmore (EA12)
6109492383AChris Lipe (EA4)Kathy Richland (EA22)
7108419311ARobert Richland(Exp) (EA7)Sandy Nang (EA11)
3105430325BRuth MacInerney (EA18)Graham Bonham (EA23)
198517419BDavid Shenkin (EA20)Rob Robinsky (EA1)
594469375ANeil Scott(GM) (EA2)John Ashmore (EA9)
594497403AChris Lipe (EA4)Adrienne Berger (EA19)
1093475382ARobert Richland(Exp) (EA7)David Shenkin (EA20)
890480390BRandi Goldberg (EA24)Kathy Richland (EA22)
687514427ASteve Perry (EA8)Matthew Pinner (EA17)
785468383AWayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)Bob Linn (EA5)
285429344BMatthew Pinner (EA17)Winter Winter (EA6)
1083455372AJohn Ashmore (EA9)Wayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)
1082439357BMatthew Pinner (EA17)Chris Lipe (EA4)
782464382BDavid Shenkin (EA20)Elisabeth Jardine (EA10)
774424350AChris Lipe (EA4)Anne Ashmore (EA12)
971510439ABob Linn (EA5)Matthew Pinner (EA17)
871434363BAmy Byrne (EA13)Rachel Bingham (EA14)
370448378ARob Robinsky (EA1)Steve Perry (EA8)
170412342BGraham Bonham (EA23)Bob Linn (EA5)
668442374BAmy Byrne (EA13)Winter Winter (EA6)
767499432AJohn Ashmore (EA9)Alison Sadler (EA16)
365458393BAndy Becher (EA15)David Shenkin (EA20)
1064436372AElisabeth Jardine (EA10)Daniel Milton (EA21)
963445382BAndy Becher (EA15)Sandy Nang (EA11)
162462400AJohn Ashmore (EA9)Matthew Pinner (EA17)
1061414353BKathy Richland (EA22)Adrienne Berger (EA19)
960426366BRandi Goldberg (EA24)Daniel Milton (EA21)
459407348AAnne Ashmore (EA12)Amy Byrne (EA13)
1057436379ANeil Scott(GM) (EA2)Amy Byrne (EA13)
1055472417BRachel Bingham (EA14)Alison Sadler (EA16)
1055420365BRandi Goldberg (EA24)Ruth MacInerney (EA18)
954423369ARob Robinsky (EA1)Robert Richland(Exp) (EA7)
954413359BDavid Shenkin (EA20)Alison Sadler (EA16)
154378324BDaniel Milton (EA21)Chris Lipe (EA4)
253448395ABob Linn (EA5)Ruth MacInerney (EA18)
1053459406ASandy Nang (EA11)Anne Ashmore (EA12)
151432381BAdrienne Berger (EA19)Winter Winter (EA6)
949433384BRachel Bingham (EA14)Steve Perry (EA8)
647445398BRandi Goldberg (EA24)Elisabeth Jardine (EA10)
645452407ABob Linn (EA5)Daniel Milton (EA21)
845437392BAdrienne Berger (EA19)Elisabeth Jardine (EA10)
143450407BRuth MacInerney (EA18)Elisabeth Jardine (EA10)
242487445AChris Lipe (EA4)Amy Byrne (EA13)
541391350AWinter Winter (EA6)Elisabeth Jardine (EA10)
639389350BDavid Shenkin (EA20)Rachel Bingham (EA14)
137424387BRachel Bingham (EA14)Anne Ashmore (EA12)
733407374ANeil Scott(GM) (EA2)Rob Robinsky (EA1)
833467434AChris Lipe (EA4)Neil Scott(GM) (EA2)
829430401ABob Linn (EA5)Sandy Nang (EA11)
429426397ASteve Perry (EA8)Adrienne Berger (EA19)
629428399AAnne Ashmore (EA12)Ruth MacInerney (EA18)
728445417BAndy Becher (EA15)Kathy Richland (EA22)
427382355AWinter Winter (EA6)Randi Goldberg (EA24)
327428401AJohn Ashmore (EA9)Winter Winter (EA6)
527408381BMatthew Pinner (EA17)Ruth MacInerney (EA18)
423389366ARob Robinsky (EA1)Daniel Milton (EA21)
923377354AElisabeth Jardine (EA10)Kathy Richland (EA22)
222380358BDavid Shenkin (EA20)Steve Perry (EA8)
722420398BGraham Bonham (EA23)Rachel Bingham (EA14)
821415394AWayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)Rob Robinsky (EA1)
321463442ARobert Richland(Exp) (EA7)Chris Lipe (EA4)
620394374AWayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)Alison Sadler (EA16)
817365348BMatthew Pinner (EA17)Graham Bonham (EA23)
916410394BRuth MacInerney (EA18)Adrienne Berger (EA19)
1011398387ABob Linn (EA5)Rob Robinsky (EA1)
711449438AWinter Winter (EA6)Steve Perry (EA8)
1011372361AWinter Winter (EA6)Andy Becher (EA15)
410403393AElisabeth Jardine (EA10)Andy Becher (EA15)
310410400BAlison Sadler (EA16)Randi Goldberg (EA24)
110429419BKathy Richland (EA22)Wayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)
98415407AJohn Ashmore (EA9)Chris Lipe (EA4)
18443435BAmy Byrne (EA13)Robert Richland(Exp) (EA7)
16368362ASteve Perry (EA8)Andy Becher (EA15)
55389384BAndy Becher (EA15)Anne Ashmore (EA12)
85377372BAndy Becher (EA15)Ruth MacInerney (EA18)
85388383BAlison Sadler (EA16)Anne Ashmore (EA12)
64365361AJohn Ashmore (EA9)Graham Bonham (EA23)
54417413BAmy Byrne (EA13)Steve Perry (EA8)
54353349BDaniel Milton (EA21)Kathy Richland (EA22)
32418416ANeil Scott(GM) (EA2)Sandy Nang (EA11)
61431430ARob Robinsky (EA1)Sandy Nang (EA11)
91441440AWayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)Neil Scott(GM) (EA2)
61344343BAdrienne Berger (EA19)Andy Becher (EA15)

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