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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
BMSC Extra, Sutton Bonnington, 26th-27th August 2016
There will be live streaming of games to Twitch TV.
Live Coverage
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Division EA Round 3 Standings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
13–0+249206AJohn Ashmore (EA9)2W:428-401:EA6replies vs. EA11 @1
22–1+389176ASandy Nang (EA11)2L:416-418:EA2starts vs. EA9 @1
32–1+299169AWayne Kelly(GM) (EA3)1W:479-370:EA12replies vs. EA4 @5
42–1+182168ANeil Scott(GM) (EA2)1W:418-416:EA11starts vs. EA5 @3
52–1+169177BMatthew Pinner (EA17)2W:443-297:EA19starts vs. EA16 @7
62–1+157175ARob Robinsky (EA1)2W:448-378:EA8starts vs. EA21 @4
72–1+152168ABob Linn (EA5)1W:490-321:EA10replies vs. EA2 @3
82–1+138177ARobert Richland(Exp) (EA7)1W:463-442:EA4replies vs. EA22 @8
92–1+106178BGraham Bonham (EA23)1L:325-430:EA18starts vs. EA20 @2
102–1+95177BRuth MacInerney (EA18)2W:430-325:EA23replies vs. EA14 @11
112–1+57184BDaniel Milton (EA21)1W:430-302:EA13replies vs. EA1 @4
122–1+55184BDavid Shenkin (EA20)1L:393-458:EA15replies vs. EA23 @2
132–1+49181BKathy Richland (EA22)2W:476-326:EA14starts vs. EA7 @8
142–1−85178BAlison Sadler (EA16)1W:410-400:EA24replies vs. EA17 @7
151–2−33139AChris Lipe (EA4)2L:442-463:EA7starts vs. EA3 @5
161–2−35143AAnne Ashmore (EA12)2L:370-479:EA3replies vs. EA13 @9
171–2−86148ASteve Perry (EA8)1L:378-448:EA1replies vs. EA19 @6
181–2−126151BAndy Becher (EA15)2W:458-393:EA20starts vs. EA10 @10
191–2−162147BAmy Byrne (EA13)2L:302-430:EA21starts vs. EA12 @9
201–2−255144BAdrienne Berger (EA19)1L:297-443:EA17starts vs. EA8 @6
211–2−313144BRachel Bingham (EA14)1L:326-476:EA22starts vs. EA18 @11
220–3−163103AWinter Winter (EA6)1L:401-428:EA9starts vs. EA24 @12
230–3−353105AElisabeth Jardine (EA10)2L:321-490:EA5replies vs. EA15 @10
240–3−486114BRandi Goldberg (EA24)2L:400-410:EA16replies vs. EA6 @12

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