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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
BMSC Extra, Sutton Bonington, 26th-27th August 2016
The games are archived here.
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Division EB High Wins

8562303APeter Ashurst (EB4)Syd Berger (EB11)
1543324ANicky Huitson (EB2)Caroline Elliott (EB17)
10540279ANicky Huitson (EB2)Jill Parker (EB6)
9524329AJill Parker (EB6)Margaret Harkness (EB5)
6509321ANicky Huitson (EB2)Val Hoskings (EB15)
5506414ARowan Callaghan (EB3)Margaret Harkness (EB5)
2506392AMargaret Harkness (EB5)Barbara Morris (EB14)
4494270ANicky Huitson (EB2)Sylvia Swaney (EB7)
5491328BBarbara Morris (EB14)Ted Lewis (EB9)
6484275BSyd Berger (EB11)Betty Toole (EB18)
5481309ASteve Balment (EB1)Peter Ashurst (EB4)
8472380ASteve Balment (EB1)Nicky Huitson (EB2)
9466426BMargaret Staunton (EB10)Nicky Huitson (EB2)
9465354BVal Hoskings (EB15)Syd Berger (EB11)
7464409BVal Hoskings (EB15)Chris Bluett (EB16)
6462378BMargaret Staunton (EB10)Caroline Elliott (EB17)
3453371ASteve Balment (EB1)Jill Parker (EB6)
8452403BJanet Bonham (EB12)Barbara Morris (EB14)
6448367AMargaret Harkness (EB5)Janet Bonham (EB12)
10448346BVal Hoskings (EB15)Barbara Morris (EB14)
8448329BCaroline Elliott (EB17)Marlene Skinner (EB8)
5440262BChris Bluett (EB16)Marlene Skinner (EB8)
1438323ARowan Callaghan (EB3)Val Hoskings (EB15)
4438386AJill Parker (EB6)Val Hoskings (EB15)
7437312BJanet Bonham (EB12)Sylvia Swaney (EB7)
2433377ANicky Huitson (EB2)Syd Berger (EB11)
7430411BGeoff Cooper (EB13)Barbara Morris (EB14)
6423321BTed Lewis (EB9)Chris Bluett (EB16)
2422302ARowan Callaghan (EB3)Margaret Staunton (EB10)
5420325ASylvia Swaney (EB7)Val Hoskings (EB15)
9419326BTed Lewis (EB9)Marlene Skinner (EB8)
6417405BGeoff Cooper (EB13)Steve Balment (EB1)
4415375BMargaret Staunton (EB10)Ted Lewis (EB9)
1415348BSyd Berger (EB11)Barbara Morris (EB14)
3414400AMargaret Harkness (EB5)Nicky Huitson (EB2)
4414311AMargaret Harkness (EB5)Peter Ashurst (EB4)
3414378BBarbara Morris (EB14)Caroline Elliott (EB17)
7413331ANicky Huitson (EB2)Rowan Callaghan (EB3)
4409311ASteve Balment (EB1)Syd Berger (EB11)
5408327ANicky Huitson (EB2)Janet Bonham (EB12)
10408368BTed Lewis (EB9)Janet Bonham (EB12)
8407359BBetty Toole (EB18)Val Hoskings (EB15)
3406382BTed Lewis (EB9)Syd Berger (EB11)
1405339ASteve Balment (EB1)Betty Toole (EB18)
1404369BJanet Bonham (EB12)Jill Parker (EB6)
3404264BVal Hoskings (EB15)Margaret Staunton (EB10)
9403355ARowan Callaghan (EB3)Steve Balment (EB1)
10402332BChris Bluett (EB16)Betty Toole (EB18)
8401379ARowan Callaghan (EB3)Jill Parker (EB6)
8399368ASylvia Swaney (EB7)Ted Lewis (EB9)
9399352ASylvia Swaney (EB7)Barbara Morris (EB14)
4397375BChris Bluett (EB16)Barbara Morris (EB14)
1396385AMargaret Harkness (EB5)Ted Lewis (EB9)
8396382BGeoff Cooper (EB13)Margaret Harkness (EB5)
10392362BMargaret Staunton (EB10)Margaret Harkness (EB5)
2392387BCaroline Elliott (EB17)Ted Lewis (EB9)
5389336AJill Parker (EB6)Syd Berger (EB11)
10389334BCaroline Elliott (EB17)Peter Ashurst (EB4)
2388268ASylvia Swaney (EB7)Chris Bluett (EB16)
9387365BGeoff Cooper (EB13)Janet Bonham (EB12)
6384365AJill Parker (EB6)Peter Ashurst (EB4)
7384355BTed Lewis (EB9)Peter Ashurst (EB4)
2383379BVal Hoskings (EB15)Marlene Skinner (EB8)
1382302ASylvia Swaney (EB7)Geoff Cooper (EB13)
5382357BMargaret Staunton (EB10)Betty Toole (EB18)
2382345BGeoff Cooper (EB13)Peter Ashurst (EB4)
6380303BBarbara Morris (EB14)Marlene Skinner (EB8)
1379352BMarlene Skinner (EB8)Margaret Staunton (EB10)
2378340BJanet Bonham (EB12)Steve Balment (EB1)
9378357BBetty Toole (EB18)Peter Ashurst (EB4)
4374324BJanet Bonham (EB12)Rowan Callaghan (EB3)
4373369BGeoff Cooper (EB13)Marlene Skinner (EB8)
5372318BGeoff Cooper (EB13)Caroline Elliott (EB17)
3371370BJanet Bonham (EB12)Betty Toole (EB18)
7369318BMargaret Staunton (EB10)Jill Parker (EB6)
8369310BMargaret Staunton (EB10)Chris Bluett (EB16)
9369365BChris Bluett (EB16)Caroline Elliott (EB17)
3366365APeter Ashurst (EB4)Sylvia Swaney (EB7)
2361352AJill Parker (EB6)Betty Toole (EB18)
4361327BBetty Toole (EB18)Caroline Elliott (EB17)
1358279APeter Ashurst (EB4)Chris Bluett (EB16)
6350310ARowan Callaghan (EB3)Sylvia Swaney (EB7)
7350341BMarlene Skinner (EB8)Betty Toole (EB18)
10347314ARowan Callaghan (EB3)Geoff Cooper (EB13)
3346307ARowan Callaghan (EB3)Marlene Skinner (EB8)
3343339BChris Bluett (EB16)Geoff Cooper (EB13)
7339317BCaroline Elliott (EB17)Syd Berger (EB11)
7317301ASteve Balment (EB1)Margaret Harkness (EB5)

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