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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
BMSC Extra, Sutton Bonnington, 26th-27th August 2016
There will be live streaming of games to Twitch TV.
Live Coverage
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Division EB Round 8 Ratings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
16–2+744134149+15ANicky Huitson (EB2)1L:380-472:EB1starts vs. EB10 @15
26–2+476137150+13ASteve Balment (EB1)2W:472-380:EB2starts vs. EB3 @14
36–2+296133153+20ARowan Callaghan (EB3)2W:401-379:EB6replies vs. EB1 @14
46–2+136125152+27BJanet Bonham (EB12)2W:452-403:EB14replies vs. EB13 @13
56–2+56118147+29BGeoff Cooper (EB13)2W:396-382:EB5starts vs. EB12 @13
65–3+201131141+10AMargaret Harkness (EB5)1L:382-396:EB13replies vs. EB6 @18
75–3−28129127−2BMargaret Staunton (EB10)1W:369-310:EB16replies vs. EB2 @15
84–4−57131121−10AJill Parker (EB6)1L:379-401:EB3starts vs. EB5 @18
94–4−64130124−6ASylvia Swaney (EB7)2W:399-368:EB9starts vs. EB14 @16
103–5+5118107−11BBarbara Morris (EB14)1L:403-452:EB12replies vs. EB7 @16
113–5−21133114−19APeter Ashurst (EB4)2W:562-303:EB11starts vs. EB18 @20
123–5−95129109−20BTed Lewis (EB9)1L:368-399:EB7replies vs. EB8 @19
133–5−211106112+6BChris Bluett (EB16)2L:310-369:EB10starts vs. EB17 @17
143–5−28195119+24BCaroline Elliott (EB17)1W:448-329:EB8replies vs. EB16 @17
153–5−299113120+7BVal Hoskings (EB15)1L:359-407:EB18starts vs. EB11 @21
162–6−23612690−36BSyd Berger (EB11)1L:303-562:EB4replies vs. EB15 @21
172–6−237098 BBetty Toole (EB18)2W:407-359:EB15replies vs. EB4 @20
182–6−38512980−49BMarlene Skinner (EB8)2L:329-448:EB17starts vs. EB9 @19

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