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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division A Low Wins

1341333AGareth Williams(GM) (A5)Mike Evans (A12)
2346345BMargaret Staunton (A28)Alan Bailey (A19)
1353324BAndrew Eames (A16)Janet Phillips (A24)
6365347BEvelyn Wallace (A20)Martin Taylor (A13)
3372343AAndy Becher (A15)Mike Evans (A12)
7374345AMike Evans (A12)Alan Bailey (A19)
5378346ARachel Bingham (A14)Mike Evans (A12)
3379285AAlec Webb(Exp) (A8)Alan Bailey (A19)
2382337AEd Rossiter(Exp) (A4)Kevin Synnott (A10)
7384335AEd Rossiter(Exp) (A4)Andrew Eames (A16)
1384336BAlan Bailey (A19)Valerie Nash (A27)
2386362BJake Berliner (A29)Valerie Nash (A27)
7387375BJake Berliner (A29)Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)
6388334AElisabeth Jardine (A11)Karen Game (A25)
1389346BChris Finlay (A17)Karen Game (A25)
7393319AGareth Williams(GM) (A5)Natalie Zolty (A7)
5393317AMartin Taylor (A13)Elisabeth Jardine (A11)
1393383AAndy Becher (A15)Karl Doubtfire (A21)
1395384AGary Oliver(GM) (A6)Martin Taylor (A13)
7395318BTanya Robson (A30)Rachel Bingham (A14)
6396394BJanet Phillips (A24)James Burley (A9)
1397387AWayne Kelly(GM) (A3)Kevin Synnott (A10)
2397365BAndrew Eames (A16)Karl Doubtfire (A21)
4398388BRuth MacInerney (A23)Karen Game (A25)
3399375AGary Oliver(GM) (A6)Jake Berliner (A29)
6400329AAlec Webb(Exp) (A8)Steve Balment (A26)
7400289AAndy Becher (A15)Valerie Nash (A27)
3400347BMargaret Staunton (A28)Karen Game (A25)
3401363BAndrew Eames (A16)Evelyn Wallace (A20)
6401329BKate Sweetlove (A18)Tanya Robson (A30)
4401375BSteve Balment (A26)Alan Bailey (A19)
2402335BKaren Game (A25)Evelyn Wallace (A20)
1402298BJake Berliner (A29)Tanya Robson (A30)
1404364APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)James Burley (A9)
1405390AEd Rossiter(Exp) (A4)Elisabeth Jardine (A11)
2405335AGary Oliver(GM) (A6)Mike Evans (A12)
7408311AAlec Webb(Exp) (A8)David Shenkin (A22)
4409338BChris Finlay (A17)Martin Taylor (A13)
3409340BJanet Phillips (A24)Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)
3412362AEd Rossiter(Exp) (A4)Kate Sweetlove (A18)
3412405AKevin Synnott (A10)Valerie Nash (A27)
2415380BTanya Robson (A30)Ruth MacInerney (A23)
4416390BKate Sweetlove (A18)Evelyn Wallace (A20)
7416374BSteve Balment (A26)Kate Sweetlove (A18)
4417293AWayne Kelly(GM) (A3)David Shenkin (A22)
7417350BKarl Doubtfire (A21)Margaret Staunton (A28)
6418395BChris Finlay (A17)Ruth MacInerney (A23)
2421359BDavid Shenkin (A22)Rachel Bingham (A14)
4421396BJanet Phillips (A24)Alec Webb(Exp) (A8)
3421322BSteve Balment (A26)Rachel Bingham (A14)
6422410APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)Natalie Zolty (A7)
4422364AEd Rossiter(Exp) (A4)Andrew Eames (A16)
1424375ANatalie Zolty (A7)Rachel Bingham (A14)
7424366BRuth MacInerney (A23)Karen Game (A25)
5428325BAndrew Eames (A16)David Shenkin (A22)
7431370AJames Burley (A9)Evelyn Wallace (A20)
5431306BChris Finlay (A17)Alan Bailey (A19)
3431378BDavid Shenkin (A22)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)
4433426AKevin Synnott (A10)Elisabeth Jardine (A11)
4433430BTanya Robson (A30)Karl Doubtfire (A21)
5435387AGareth Williams(GM) (A5)Janet Phillips (A24)
6435429AGary Oliver(GM) (A6)David Shenkin (A22)
5435319BEvelyn Wallace (A20)Ruth MacInerney (A23)
5437324APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)Andy Becher (A15)
2438436AWayne Kelly(GM) (A3)Elisabeth Jardine (A11)
1439302BEvelyn Wallace (A20)Steve Balment (A26)
5441406ANatalie Zolty (A7)Alec Webb(Exp) (A8)
3441341AElisabeth Jardine (A11)Tanya Robson (A30)
4443418ANatalie Zolty (A7)Margaret Staunton (A28)
7448334AMartin Taylor (A13)Elisabeth Jardine (A11)
3448337BRuth MacInerney (A23)Martin Taylor (A13)
2451362BJanet Phillips (A24)Kate Sweetlove (A18)
2454316APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)Alec Webb(Exp) (A8)
2455386ANatalie Zolty (A7)Andy Becher (A15)
4455310BJake Berliner (A29)Andy Becher (A15)
3457406AWayne Kelly(GM) (A3)Natalie Zolty (A7)
5457454AKevin Synnott (A10)Kate Sweetlove (A18)
5459404BKarl Doubtfire (A21)Valerie Nash (A27)
6461389AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)Alan Bailey (A19)
7461298AWayne Kelly(GM) (A3)Janet Phillips (A24)
4464396ARachel Bingham (A14)Valerie Nash (A27)
6465331AGareth Williams(GM) (A5)Margaret Staunton (A28)
1467402AAlec Webb(Exp) (A8)Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)
2468329AMartin Taylor (A13)Gareth Williams(GM) (A5)
3470305AJames Burley (A9)Karl Doubtfire (A21)
6470238AKevin Synnott (A10)Andy Becher (A15)
2473343AJames Burley (A9)Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)
4480310AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)Mike Evans (A12)
1481258BDavid Shenkin (A22)Margaret Staunton (A28)
5483435AGary Oliver(GM) (A6)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A3)
1483426BKate Sweetlove (A18)Ruth MacInerney (A23)
6484272AMike Evans (A12)Valerie Nash (A27)
4486364APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)Gareth Williams(GM) (A5)
4489414AJames Burley (A9)Gary Oliver(GM) (A6)
5493417BKaren Game (A25)Steve Balment (A26)
3503320AGareth Williams(GM) (A5)Chris Finlay (A17)
6506478AEd Rossiter(Exp) (A4)Wayne Kelly(GM) (A3)
6528263BKarl Doubtfire (A21)Rachel Bingham (A14)
5537285AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)Tanya Robson (A30)
6547299BAndrew Eames (A16)Jake Berliner (A29)
7555389APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)Gary Oliver(GM) (A6)
7555309AKevin Synnott (A10)Chris Finlay (A17)
5564372AEd Rossiter(Exp) (A4)James Burley (A9)

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