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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division A Round 2 Scores

Robertshaw(GM), Phil2454Webb(Exp), Alec8316138
Kelly(GM), Wayne3438Jardine, Elisabeth114362
Rossiter(Exp), Ed4382Synnott, Kevin1033745
Oliver(GM), Gary6405Evans, Mike1233570
Zolty, Natalie7455Becher, Andy1538669
Burley, James9473Lamabadusuriya(GM), Harshan1343130
Taylor, Martin13468Williams(GM), Gareth5329139
Eames, Andrew16397Doubtfire, Karl2136532
Finlay, Chris17398Balment, Steve263980
Shenkin, David22421Bingham, Rachel1435962
Phillips, Janet24451Sweetlove, Kate1836289
Game, Karen25402Wallace, Evelyn2033567
Balment, Steve26398Finlay, Chris173980
Staunton, Margaret28346Bailey, Alan193451
Berliner, Jake29386Nash, Valerie2736224
Robson, Tanya30415MacInerney, Ruth2338035

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