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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division A Round 4 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
14–0+187AWayne Kelly(GM) (A3)1W:417-293:A22replies vs. A6 @15
24–0+168AEd Rossiter(Exp) (A4)1W:422-364:A16starts vs. A9 @3
33–1+330AJames Burley (A9)1W:489-414:A6replies vs. A4 @3
43–1+249BJake Berliner (A29)1W:455-310:A15starts vs. A28 @7
53–1+247APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)1W:486-364:A5replies vs. A15 @12
63–1+214BDavid Shenkin (A22)2L:293-417:A3starts vs. A16 @1
73–1+154BJanet Phillips (A24)2W:421-396:A8starts vs. A5 @5
83–1+92ANatalie Zolty (A7)2W:443-418:A28starts vs. A8 @6
93–1+41BAndrew Eames (A16)2L:364-422:A4replies vs. A22 @1
103–1+30AGary Oliver(GM) (A6)2L:414-489:A9starts vs. A3 @15
112½–1½−12BSteve Balment (A26)2W:401-375:A19starts vs. A25 @9
122½–1½−69BChris Finlay (A17)1W:409-338:A13starts vs. A19 @8
132–2+29BRuth MacInerney (A23)2W:398-388:A25starts vs. A20 @10
142–2−4AAlec Webb(Exp) (A8)1L:396-421:A24replies vs. A7 @6
152–2−41AKevin Synnott (A10)1W:433-426:A11replies vs. A18 @2
162–2−56BKate Sweetlove (A18)2W:416-390:A20starts vs. A10 @2
172–2−70AGareth Williams(GM) (A5)2L:364-486:A2replies vs. A24 @5
182–2−166BTanya Robson (A30)1W:433-430:A21replies vs. A1 @13
192–2−175AAndy Becher (A15)2L:310-455:A29starts vs. A2 @12
202–2−194BMargaret Staunton (A28)1L:418-443:A7replies vs. A29 @7
211–3+76AElisabeth Jardine (A11)2L:426-433:A10replies vs. A13 @11
221–3+6BEvelyn Wallace (A20)1L:390-416:A18replies vs. A23 @10
231–3−39BKaren Game (A25)1L:388-398:A23replies vs. A26 @9
241–3−54AMartin Taylor (A13)2L:338-409:A17starts vs. A11 @11
251–3−73BAlan Bailey (A19)1L:375-401:A26replies vs. A17 @8
261–3−94AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)2W:480-310:A12starts vs. A30 @13
271–3−142ARachel Bingham (A14)1W:464-396:A27starts vs. A12 @14
280–4−147BValerie Nash (A27)2L:396-464:A14replies vs. A21 @4
290–4−210BKarl Doubtfire (A21)2L:430-433:A30starts vs. A27 @4
300–4−277AMike Evans (A12)1L:310-480:A1replies vs. A14 @14

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