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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division B Round 2 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
19Mary Allen (B4) startsTed Anscomb (B9) replies
19Ted Anscomb (B9) repliesMary Allen (B4) starts
24Philip Aston (B18) startsPaul Grimshaw (B15) replies
23Carol Bartlett (B13) repliesAnne Darby (B16) starts
21Sue Bowman (B5) startsJenny Sakamoto (B12) replies
22Jenny Burgess (B11) repliesMalcolm Shaw (B17) starts
20Jill Burgess (B14) repliesMarlene Skinner (B8) starts
23Anne Darby (B16) startsCarol Bartlett (B13) replies
16Ashley De_Safrin (B6) repliesTess McCarthy (B1) starts
24Paul Grimshaw (B15) repliesPhilip Aston (B18) starts
17David Lawton (B3) startsStephen Wintle (B7) replies
16Tess McCarthy (B1) startsAshley De_Safrin (B6) replies
18Heather Roberts (B10) repliesCarol Stanley (B2) starts
21Jenny Sakamoto (B12) repliesSue Bowman (B5) starts
22Malcolm Shaw (B17) startsJenny Burgess (B11) replies
20Marlene Skinner (B8) startsJill Burgess (B14) replies
18Carol Stanley (B2) startsHeather Roberts (B10) replies
17Stephen Wintle (B7) repliesDavid Lawton (B3) starts

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