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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division B Low Losses

3255380ATess McCarthy (B1)Paul Grimshaw (B15)
2256363BHeather Roberts (B10)Carol Stanley (B2)
7266498BPhilip Aston (B18)David Lawton (B3)
5271454BMalcolm Shaw (B17)Anne Darby (B16)
7285379ATess McCarthy (B1)Mary Allen (B4)
6289373BHeather Roberts (B10)Ted Anscomb (B9)
5293413BCarol Bartlett (B13)Marlene Skinner (B8)
4300494BAnne Darby (B16)Sue Bowman (B5)
1304491ACarol Stanley (B2)Ted Anscomb (B9)
3306435AMary Allen (B4)Carol Stanley (B2)
5308500BPhilip Aston (B18)Carol Stanley (B2)
7310345BCarol Bartlett (B13)Stephen Wintle (B7)
2310431BPaul Grimshaw (B15)Philip Aston (B18)
3313358AMarlene Skinner (B8)Ted Anscomb (B9)
3316359BCarol Bartlett (B13)Jenny Sakamoto (B12)
3317419BMalcolm Shaw (B17)Stephen Wintle (B7)
4319473BPhilip Aston (B18)Jill Burgess (B14)
1320386AMary Allen (B4)Heather Roberts (B10)
2321439BJill Burgess (B14)Marlene Skinner (B8)
4323388ATess McCarthy (B1)Jenny Sakamoto (B12)
1326327ASue Bowman (B5)Jenny Burgess (B11)
2326388BJenny Burgess (B11)Malcolm Shaw (B17)
2326410BAnne Darby (B16)Carol Bartlett (B13)
7331371ACarol Stanley (B2)Jill Burgess (B14)
3334387AAshley De_Safrin (B6)Philip Aston (B18)
4336397AMary Allen (B4)Malcolm Shaw (B17)
5336367ASue Bowman (B5)Stephen Wintle (B7)
7336351ATed Anscomb (B9)Jenny Sakamoto (B12)
6343365BJill Burgess (B14)Jenny Sakamoto (B12)
5345474BPaul Grimshaw (B15)Ted Anscomb (B9)
4346443ADavid Lawton (B3)Ashley De_Safrin (B6)
5346472AAshley De_Safrin (B6)Jenny Burgess (B11)
4347448BPaul Grimshaw (B15)Carol Stanley (B2)
5348403BHeather Roberts (B10)Jenny Sakamoto (B12)
5349351ADavid Lawton (B3)Mary Allen (B4)
1351438AAshley De_Safrin (B6)Jenny Sakamoto (B12)
3355378ASue Bowman (B5)Heather Roberts (B10)
1361450AStephen Wintle (B7)Tess McCarthy (B1)
2361422ATed Anscomb (B9)Mary Allen (B4)
1361408BAnne Darby (B16)Paul Grimshaw (B15)
3363471ADavid Lawton (B3)Anne Darby (B16)
6369403AMary Allen (B4)Stephen Wintle (B7)
6369408BPhilip Aston (B18)Jenny Burgess (B11)
2370419BJenny Sakamoto (B12)Sue Bowman (B5)
7372386BHeather Roberts (B10)Paul Grimshaw (B15)
1374438ADavid Lawton (B3)Marlene Skinner (B8)
6374408BMalcolm Shaw (B17)Carol Bartlett (B13)
3375459BJenny Burgess (B11)Jill Burgess (B14)
1375380BPhilip Aston (B18)Carol Bartlett (B13)
4377449AStephen Wintle (B7)Jenny Burgess (B11)
6383395AMarlene Skinner (B8)Paul Grimshaw (B15)
4383388BCarol Bartlett (B13)Ted Anscomb (B9)
4384398AMarlene Skinner (B8)Heather Roberts (B10)
1385464BMalcolm Shaw (B17)Jill Burgess (B14)
5396422ATess McCarthy (B1)Jill Burgess (B14)
7396464ASue Bowman (B5)Anne Darby (B16)
2397399AStephen Wintle (B7)David Lawton (B3)
2401412AAshley De_Safrin (B6)Tess McCarthy (B1)
7410514AMarlene Skinner (B8)Jenny Burgess (B11)
6414456ATess McCarthy (B1)David Lawton (B3)
6423435ACarol Stanley (B2)Sue Bowman (B5)

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