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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division B Round 1 Ratings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
11–0+187121183+62ATed Anscomb (B9)1W:491-304:B2replies vs. B4 @19
21–0+89136178+42ATess McCarthy (B1)2W:450-361:B7starts vs. B6 @16
31–0+87119180+61BJenny Sakamoto (B12)1W:438-351:B6replies vs. B5 @21
41–0+79117158+41BJill Burgess (B14)1W:464-385:B17replies vs. B8 @20
51–0+66120182+62BHeather Roberts (B10)1W:386-320:B4replies vs. B2 @18
61–0+64123183+60AMarlene Skinner (B8)2W:438-374:B3starts vs. B14 @20
71–0+47115160+45BPaul Grimshaw (B15)1W:408-361:B16replies vs. B18 @24
81–0+5118118+0BCarol Bartlett (B13)1W:380-375:B18replies vs. B16 @23
91–0+1119181+62BJenny Burgess (B11)1W:327-326:B5replies vs. B17 @22
100–1−113169−62ASue Bowman (B5)2L:326-327:B11starts vs. B12 @21
110–1−5080 BPhilip Aston (B18)2L:375-380:B13starts vs. B15 @24
120–1−4711065−45BAnne Darby (B16)2L:361-408:B15starts vs. B13 @23
130–1−6413373−60ADavid Lawton (B3)1L:374-438:B8starts vs. B7 @17
140–1−6613270−62AMary Allen (B4)2L:320-386:B10starts vs. B9 @19
150–1−7910867−41BMalcolm Shaw (B17)2L:385-464:B14starts vs. B11 @22
160–1−8713069−61AAshley De_Safrin (B6)2L:351-438:B12replies vs. B1 @16
170–1−8912886−42AStephen Wintle (B7)1L:361-450:B1replies vs. B3 @17
180–1−18713371−62ACarol Stanley (B2)2L:304-491:B9starts vs. B10 @18

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