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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division C Round 4 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
32Maureen Barlow (C5) repliesClaire Cottle (C6) starts
29Mei-yee Chan (C20) startsDavid Holt (C7) replies
26Alison Clayton (C15) startsMargaret Marshall (C2) replies
31Iris Cornish (C12) startsEvelyn Wansbrough (C8) replies
32Claire Cottle (C6) startsMaureen Barlow (C5) replies
27Ann Hines (C1) startsMoira Metcalf (C17) replies
29David Holt (C7) repliesMei-yee Chan (C20) starts
33Pat Johnson (C16) repliesLynne Riley (C3) starts
26Margaret Marshall (C2) repliesAlison Clayton (C15) starts
27Moira Metcalf (C17) repliesAnn Hines (C1) starts
30Janet Milford (C11) repliesStephen Robinson (C4) starts
33Lynne Riley (C3) startsPat Johnson (C16) replies
30Stephen Robinson (C4) startsJanet Milford (C11) replies
25Alan Smith (C18) startsJan Vokes-Taylor (C13) replies
28Pam Sparkes (C9) repliesMaria Treadwell (C14) starts
34Colin St_Hill (C10) repliesJean Webb (C19) starts
28Maria Treadwell (C14) startsPam Sparkes (C9) replies
25Jan Vokes-Taylor (C13) repliesAlan Smith (C18) starts
31Evelyn Wansbrough (C8) repliesIris Cornish (C12) starts
34Jean Webb (C19) startsColin St_Hill (C10) replies

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