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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division C High Wins

1490303BMaria Treadwell (C14)Maureen Barlow (C5)
7471336BAlison Clayton (C15)Moira Metcalf (C17)
2446333AStephen Robinson (C4)Colin St_Hill (C10)
4437280BAlan Smith (C18)Jan Vokes-Taylor (C13)
6435368BAlan Smith (C18)Iris Cornish (C12)
1434332BJan Vokes-Taylor (C13)Evelyn Wansbrough (C8)
1432342AAnn Hines (C1)Colin St_Hill (C10)
4428349BIris Cornish (C12)Evelyn Wansbrough (C8)
7426256AAnn Hines (C1)Maria Treadwell (C14)
2424311AMaureen Barlow (C5)Lynne Riley (C3)
4423275AAnn Hines (C1)Moira Metcalf (C17)
7423371APam Sparkes (C9)Iris Cornish (C12)
2418402BJanet Milford (C11)Claire Cottle (C6)
6418355BJanet Milford (C11)Pam Sparkes (C9)
3417257ADavid Holt (C7)Lynne Riley (C3)
4415343BPat Johnson (C16)Lynne Riley (C3)
4413265BColin St_Hill (C10)Jean Webb (C19)
5412324AClaire Cottle (C6)Alison Clayton (C15)
1411360AClaire Cottle (C6)Lynne Riley (C3)
4411386BAlison Clayton (C15)Margaret Marshall (C2)
2411294BAlan Smith (C18)Alison Clayton (C15)
3406314BMaria Treadwell (C14)Moira Metcalf (C17)
6406291BPat Johnson (C16)Jean Webb (C19)
6405283AMargaret Marshall (C2)Moira Metcalf (C17)
6405303BJan Vokes-Taylor (C13)David Holt (C7)
5403358AEvelyn Wansbrough (C8)Stephen Robinson (C4)
2403338BIris Cornish (C12)David Holt (C7)
5402380ADavid Holt (C7)Maureen Barlow (C5)
3402348BAlan Smith (C18)Stephen Robinson (C4)
7401322ALynne Riley (C3)Colin St_Hill (C10)
5394353BPat Johnson (C16)Colin St_Hill (C10)
3392370BJan Vokes-Taylor (C13)Claire Cottle (C6)
1386316AStephen Robinson (C4)Iris Cornish (C12)
6386321AStephen Robinson (C4)Maureen Barlow (C5)
1385247BAlan Smith (C18)Pat Johnson (C16)
5383370BMoira Metcalf (C17)Janet Milford (C11)
1381277BJanet Milford (C11)David Holt (C7)
3380334AAnn Hines (C1)Janet Milford (C11)
6377346BAlison Clayton (C15)Evelyn Wansbrough (C8)
3376304AMargaret Marshall (C2)Colin St_Hill (C10)
5376333BAlan Smith (C18)Pam Sparkes (C9)
4374267ADavid Holt (C7)Mei-yee Chan (C20)
1374237BAlison Clayton (C15)Mei-yee Chan (C20)
3373310BIris Cornish (C12)Pat Johnson (C16)
5373291BMaria Treadwell (C14)Jan Vokes-Taylor (C13)
7372315BJanet Milford (C11)Jan Vokes-Taylor (C13)
2372345BMaria Treadwell (C14)Jean Webb (C19)
7368261AClaire Cottle (C6)Mei-yee Chan (C20)
7366361AEvelyn Wansbrough (C8)Alan Smith (C18)
3365319AEvelyn Wansbrough (C8)Maureen Barlow (C5)
4364292BJanet Milford (C11)Stephen Robinson (C4)
4363322APam Sparkes (C9)Maria Treadwell (C14)
1362306BMoira Metcalf (C17)Jean Webb (C19)
6360349BColin St_Hill (C10)Claire Cottle (C6)
7355334AMargaret Marshall (C2)Stephen Robinson (C4)
3355326APam Sparkes (C9)Alison Clayton (C15)
7354199AMaureen Barlow (C5)Jean Webb (C19)
6351337ALynne Riley (C3)Mei-yee Chan (C20)
2350317BMoira Metcalf (C17)Pat Johnson (C16)
5348346BIris Cornish (C12)Ann Hines (C1)
5346215AMargaret Marshall (C2)Mei-yee Chan (C20)
5346320BJean Webb (C19)Lynne Riley (C3)
4342339AMaureen Barlow (C5)Claire Cottle (C6)
2339316AEvelyn Wansbrough (C8)Margaret Marshall (C2)
7338312ADavid Holt (C7)Pat Johnson (C16)
1334306APam Sparkes (C9)Margaret Marshall (C2)
2326295APam Sparkes (C9)Ann Hines (C1)
3326314BMei-yee Chan (C20)Jean Webb (C19)
2315215BJan Vokes-Taylor (C13)Mei-yee Chan (C20)
6313311AAnn Hines (C1)Maria Treadwell (C14)

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