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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division C Round 1 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
11–0+187BMaria Treadwell (C14)2W:490-303:C5replies vs. C19 @31
21–0+138BAlan Smith (C18)2W:385-247:C16replies vs. C15 @34
31–0+137BAlison Clayton (C15)2W:374-237:C20starts vs. C18 @34
41–0+104BJanet Milford (C11)1W:381-277:C7replies vs. C6 @30
51–0+102BJan Vokes-Taylor (C13)2W:434-332:C8starts vs. C20 @33
61–0+90AAnn Hines (C1)2W:432-342:C10starts vs. C9 @27
71–0+70AStephen Robinson (C4)2W:386-316:C12starts vs. C10 @28
81–0+56BMoira Metcalf (C17)1W:362-306:C19starts vs. C16 @32
91–0+51AClaire Cottle (C6)2W:411-360:C3starts vs. C11 @30
101–0+28APam Sparkes (C9)2W:334-306:C2replies vs. C1 @27
110–1−28AMargaret Marshall (C2)1L:306-334:C9starts vs. C8 @26
120–1−51ALynne Riley (C3)1L:360-411:C6starts vs. C5 @25
130–1−56BJean Webb (C19)2L:306-362:C17starts vs. C14 @31
140–1−70BIris Cornish (C12)1L:316-386:C4replies vs. C7 @29
150–1−90BColin St_Hill (C10)1L:342-432:C1replies vs. C4 @28
160–1−102AEvelyn Wansbrough (C8)1L:332-434:C13replies vs. C2 @26
170–1−104ADavid Holt (C7)2L:277-381:C11starts vs. C12 @29
180–1−137BMei-yee Chan (C20)1L:237-374:C15replies vs. C13 @33
190–1−138BPat Johnson (C16)1L:247-385:C18replies vs. C17 @32
200–1−187AMaureen Barlow (C5)1L:303-490:C14replies vs. C3 @25

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